15 May 2014

Bluebird Tea Co - Bonfire Toffee and Aniseed Balls

Bonfire Toffeee and Aniseed Balls - sounds more like I've been visiting sweet shops than drinking tea! This sweet pair are the latest couple I've been drinking from my fave tea folk -  Bluebird Tea Co.
I always loved the smells and tastes on bonfire night when I was little, and this Bonfire Toffee Tea incorporates the best of those - nope, not the pie and peas, nor unfortunately the parkin, that were so synonymous with the Novembers of my youth - but a smoky tea infused with apple, caramel and cinnamon, mmmm!

cinammon tea

I don't think I got my distribution quite right with this one, as though it was a lovely tea the first few cups, I couldn't really taste the apple or caramel (though the cinnamon was undeniable and always welcome!), but as I got further down my packet these became more apparent! I should have given it a better shake maybe, but glad I got there in the end as this turned into something quite special. I'd still appreciate more caramel but that's because I'm a sugar maniac and I can completely understand why that wouldn't appeal to everyone!

tea that tastes like sweets

(OK so as I was writing this, with a mug of this tea in my hand, I realised I hadn't tried it with milk so popped just a wee dash of the white stuff in my leftovers - and I think the milk really helped bring out some of those flavours, which I don't usually find to be the case - I'm glad I have just about enough of this left for one more milky brew and wish I'd tried it this way earlier!)
Aniseed Balls are a bit of a funny one - I love the smell and the initial taste but don't like them when you get to the middle bit and they're soft and weird.... so this Aniseed Ball Tea is the perfect answer as it really does smell and taste just like its namesake!

sweet flavoured tea

This herbal blend contains liquorice, aniseed, star anise, hibiscus, stevia and chilli, and it wasn't until I checked the site for the ingredients just now I realised this was a huge award winner too - definitely justified at this is dee-licious!

chilli tea

The finished brew comes out a gorgeous dark red colour, suggesting at the warm fruity spiciness in the taste as well as cementing its association with the familiar childhood-favourite sweeties.
Though I'd generally class both of these as more autumn/winter teas they're bother to delicious to limit to just one time of year and I'll be happy to drink either of these anytime!


  1. Your Alice in Wonderland mug is the best! I need some more nice mugs. I have lots of tea cups but not a lot of big, hearty mugs. I love the sound of bonfire toffee, but I must say I'm not a huge aniseed fan! xx

  2. Aniseed balls were always my favourite drink as a child, this sounds delicious!

    Corinne x

  3. MMMM! This sounds really good! I don't particularly like tea to be very sweet, so I think I might like this one.


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