18 May 2014

Sunday Soak - Crabtree and Evelyn English Honey and Peach Blossom

It finally happened, the sun is shining, summer is here! (Well, for this weekend at least!) So though it may not seem like the best time for a hot bath, if that hot bath has the gloriously summery scent of English Honey and Peach Blossom, I'll make an exception!

Honey bath bubbles

I've been a long time fan of Crabtree and Evelyn, but this is the first time I've tried anything from this particular scented range, and it really is fabulous - with the same high quality and bold fragrance I've come to expect from the brand! 

Though the first product here is a body wash, it did suggest on the back of the bottle that it would work nicely as a bubble bath so I gave it a great big two-handed squeeze into my hot running water. Despite making barely a dint in the contents of the bottle I ended up with a bath full of fragrant bubbles.

I've always loved the smell, and the appearance, of honey (despite never really liking the taste!) and the transparent bottle of the body wash really helps capture that wonderful decadent gooeyness of real honey. As does the smell of course, oh my the smell! It's amazing! It's hard to tell you how good a smell is over the internet so my suggestion would be to make sure you get yourself to the closest Crabtree and Evelyn store as soon as you can to try it out in person. Trust me, you won't regret it!

crabtree and evelyn best range

After my bubbly honey bath I coated myself in the matching body lotion - I just love using products that match so there's no muddying of scents! The body lotion is also lovely, the same fabulous fragrance in a light weight and easily absorbed cream. 

My bath was well over 12 hours ago and I'm still lovely and soft - I'm not sure whether to credit the moisturising properties of the body wash, the lotion or a combination of the two but either way it worked a treat and it's a duo I look forward to using plenty over the summer (however long it lasts!) 

Honey hand cream

If I add the amazing hand cream into the mix - which I'm more than happy to do, the Crabtree and Evelyn hand therapy creams are my favourites for non-greasy ultra-moisturising treats for my paws - I should pretty much be able to smell like heaven until the cold weather kicks in again! 

* Products sent free of charge - opinions remain honest!


  1. Oooh I love the smell of honey :) Crabtree hand creams are FAB, I love the hand therapy one!

    Danniella x

  2. These all sound lovely, honey and peach sounds like the perfect summer fragrance! :)

    Jess xo

  3. I always love anything with a sweet scent. I haven't heard about this brand until today, and it seems like a very nice one.

  4. Honey and peach together sounds so amazing! (:

  5. Honey & peach sound so delicious! Adele x acesparklestar.blogspot.com


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