28 May 2014

Holiday Photos - Iceland

Don't worry, there's no horrible pictures of me in a bikini or anything, this was not a bikini kind of holiday, more of 'wrap up warm and take an extra scarf' kind of holiday, but last month I was lucky enough to spend a couple of days in my most favourite of places (outside Yorkshire of course!), Iceland.

This was my second ever visit. My first, in the winter, led to a very 'white' colour palette for all my photos. This springtime visit left a much brighter and bluer, though no less stunning, impression on my camera.

I know I talk too much so for a change I'll shut up and let you bathe in the glory and wonder of this amazing place!

icelandic coast

The Sun Voyager iceland

hallgrimskirkja reykjavik

colourful houses iceland

looking down on reykjavik

iceland golden circle waterfall

golden circle tour

amazing geographical feature iceland

golden circle tour


  1. Hi,
    I'm going there just before Xmas-can't wait!! Love your photographs, it's making me very excited about going!

  2. OMG why did I not know you had been here! Looks stunning.

  3. Oh wow, Iceland looks absolutely stunning! You took some amazing shots Kel - I'm very jealous!! xx

  4. Wow this looks stunning! Very jealous, some lovely photos! xx

  5. Iceland is one of my favourite places in the world too, such a magical little island! I want to visit in Spring... Emma Louise Layla x

  6. Wow Iceland looks amazing! Looks like my kind of place to go - so pretty <3



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