26 May 2014

Memebox Global Box #10

I hadn't intended on posting this one but I seem to have (very happily) found myself involved in a bunch of discussions about Memebox recently. It seems a lot of people are very interested in the fabulous box offerings from this lot, but there are so many different kinds of boxes available it can be a bit of a minefield for the uninitiated so if I can help shed any light on the complicated situation I'll accept it as my civic duty (and it's an excuse to investigate my box contents a bit more closely!). My recent post on the brand-specific Tony Moly Superbox might give an impression of the kind of (and number/value of) products you might come across in the bigger, more specialised boxes but for comparison here's what I got in my latest 'normal' box from them, Memebox Global #10.

korean beauty products

Atopalm Moisurising Eye Repair Serum (RRP $49) - A paraben-free eye serum designed to hydrate and protect the skin around your eyes. Gentle, so it's great for sensitive skin, and it has a real nifty little twist up pump thing so you get just the right amount. Eye creams is one aspect on my skin care regime that I regularly ignore which is tragic as it's probably one of the ones I need the most! 

korean eye cream

Dewytree Ginseng Nutritious Black Mask (RRP $4) - sheet masks are a lot more common that there were not so long back, so this isn't unusual in itself, though I don't think I've ever seen a black one before! I have high faith in ginseng to do me a lot of good (after an enthusiastic sales pitch at a ginseng salesroom in Korea!), and this reckons to 'bring deep nourishment and relaxation to your exhausted skin' - sounds super.

korean ginseng face mask

Caolin Mool Pool Deep Cleansing (RRP £19) - I've found a lot of the Korean cleansing stuff to be amazing, and was the base for my love affair with Korean cosmetics. Saying that, I'm not sure I've tried anything like this before! The instructions say to spread the product on your dry face then roll it with your hands until it becomes too stiff to roll anymore, then wash it off with warm water. I'm sure there's a good reason for this which I will have to put to the test! It claims to remove even the most waterproof of make up, as well as being gentle enough to use on your eyes. 

weird korean face cleaner
Mise en Scene Curling Essence (RRP $14) - It's so rare to find a product in a beauty box for curly hair (it always seems to be 'volumising' products, something I have very little need for!). As well as helping define curls, this is enriched with argan oil and cedar wood oil for extra nutrition! 

korean hair care for curly hair

Hanskin Bio Origin Royal Ampoule BB (5ml sample, RRP $45 for 25ml) - BB creams of various brands, names and guises are common items in the Memeboxes - I'd have been surprised to have not received one here! This is the first one I've ever come across in this kind of packaging though. It looks gorgeous though I'm not really convinced of the practicalities of it over other types of container, but the cream itself seems really nice, with a light and silky finish.

korean skin stuff

Drww Multi-Action Smart Cream Gel (RRP $59) - being lazy, I always like a 'multi-action' product. This one claims to be a moisturising cream and an anti-aging essence that can also be used as a sleep mask. 

korean cream and essence

I've usually found one make up item (BB cream aside) in the Global Boxes, which I didn't in this one, but the emphasis on skin care is definitely typical of the Memeboxes. The value of the items individually far outweighs the cost of the box ($23 plus delivery) so they definitely work out well financially. They are definitely a great introduction to the world of Korean cosmetic goodies, and the fact that I can't seem to stop ordering them indicated my enthusiasm for them!

Whether it's one of these 'general' surprise boxes that suits you most, or something more specific depends on personal preference entirely but hope this has helped show what you might expect! You can explore all the box options here, happy browsing!

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  1. Why was this one not available today when I was purchasing :( This one looks right up my street, so many amazing products - the mask and pore cleanser thing sound awesome.

    I just want all my boxes that I ordered now. NOW I tell you. You're making me very jealous with all your goodies.

    Hayley x


  2. That looks like a really nice box. I got a snail product in one of my Memeboxes recently and my family are all appalled. Haven't told them I'm considering getting a full snail box, they'd probably make me leave home.

  3. I've never tried these boxes but I have been intrigued as to what they're all about! It looks like great value for money, and a fab range of products! Another box to add my to growing list...

  4. I love Memeboxes! I like that I can try so many different skincare items and the packaging is always so lovely :) Can't wait to get mine.

    Pink Frenzy

  5. I have never tried a Memebox but I am very intrigued about them! Do you think they are worth the money?



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