13 May 2014

Neal and Wolf Indulgence Candle

There are so many hair brands that release the most wonderful smelling products, it just makes sense that they would try to capture those fabulous scents in other ways - such as candles - but as far as I know no one other than Neal and Wolf have been clever enough to make the leap!

And they've done it well too, taking their sleek and classy branding and iconic deep purple colour to product a really sophisticated and luxurious looking product. It just so happens purple is my favourite colour too so it's an extra bonus for me!

candle in purple glass jar

Looking pretty is only part of it's job too, as you obviously want a scented candle to smell good. And this smells gooood! You are first hit with a fresh mandarin and orange blossom fragrance before a more floral scent is revealed.
I'm under the impression the fragrance is very similar to the Neal and Wolf hair products, so if you are familiar with these you may well recognise the aroma. I certainly wouldn't mind my hair smelling like this!

candle that smells like shampoo

Sorry, I definitely don't have the nice clean tidy shelves all the other bloggers do (What do you do with all your stuff?!) but this handsome candle still stands out amongst all my other clutter! It is supposed to burn for 45 hours, and I entirely believe it does as I once accidentally and very naughtily fell asleep with this burning, so it went all night long. Not only did the house not burn down, but neither did the candle - no where near as much as I'd expected so I still have plenty left!
This beauty costs £17.95 from the Neal and Wolf site here, with free delivery, and would make a very striking and fragrant addition to any home!


  1. I really do love candles, I am a little bugger though for going asleep with candles light, the house hasn't yet burned down but when I did the same cooking a bacon sandwich the results were pretty darn close. Falling asleep with bacon cooking defiantly doesn't smell as nice and candles.
    Little Blonde Life - Lifestyle Blog

  2. This sounds gorgeous, their hair care products smell amazing so I'd expect this does too :) I love Neal & Wolf's packaging as well :D

    Jess xo

  3. loved their packaging and they look really good! don't worry about been tidy! I have kids and could never take pics from home!
    Dee T


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