25 May 2014

Sunday Soak - Neal's Yard Remedies Beauty Sleep Gift Set

I  always feel a bit weird buying myself 'gift sets'. Even when, like this Beauty Sleep Organic Spa Collection from Neal's Yard Remedies, they work out so much better value than buying products individually I still feel a bit cheeky, like I should be giving it to someone else rather than keeping it for myself! 

sleep aid gift set

This one I suppose in particular as I bought it a little while ago when the store had a big discount off all their gift sets for mothers day. And I could have given it to my mum, I could have - but I didn't. I'm a bad daughter and kept it all for myself! (In my defense she didn't do too badly out of my present wise, and mine are too little to buy mothers day presents for me ... sounds justified, right?)

beauty sleep kit

Anyway, the discount meant that the whole box came to not too far away from the price of the full size Beauty Sleep Concentrate inside, so everything else works out free, right? Either way, it was a heck of a bargain, and sleep is definitely something I'm keen on so this set sounded right up my street! 

I know a lot of people like to like candles while in the bath but I don't usually do this. I love scented candles and I love scented bath products but I always thought that using both would diminish the value of either, muddying the scents so you weren't really getting the bests of the products. But this argument loses weight when you have bath products and candles that, even if not having the same fragrance, compliment each other so well. So on this occasion I happily burned the Neal's Yard Remedies Calming Candle with rose and geranium essential oils for a natural calming scent, while soaking in the Aromatic Foaming Bath

NYR bath

The Foaming Bath, with lavender, marjoram and geranium essential oils, describes itself as providing 'a delightfully fragrant bath to bring a sense of wellbeing'. It sure did smell incredible, and lavender really works a number on me every time - it just makes me happy and calm and sleepy - someting I really needed this weekend! I didn't find it particularly 'foaming' - though this is likely to be attributed to me getting distracted and not adding it to the bath 'til it was just about running - not the best way to get loads of bubble, ooops! 

Neals yard body cream

The Beauty Sleep Body Butter might be my favourite thing in the box. I covered myself in this pretty much head to toe on getting out of the bath and it is absolutely gorgeous. This contains an 'aroma-therapeutic blend of essential oils to calm the mind and enhance a restful sleep'. I don't know what it smells of but it'd incredible and it feels so luxurious to use. I was only planning on applying this to my most dry areas but I couldn't resist rubbing it in everywhere as it just felt so nice on my skin. This morning I'm still feeling well hydrated.

night time skin care

Finally I got to the Beauty Sleep Concentrate. This works while you sleep to replenish and recharge your skin, and helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. As I only tried this for the first time last night I can't speak of the long terms results of using this, but it's a lovely light cream that absorbs quickly and instantly makes my skin feel moisturised as well as a bit pampered. 

My plan was to get out of the bath, Neal's Yard myself up and watch a film in bed. I didn't get close to the end of the film, if that tells you anything about the sleep-inducing powers of this magic box! It was a great value gift to myself and will definitely make for many relaxing baths and hours of good sleep in the future! 

At the minute, since Fathers Day is on it's way, you can get some good deals on the Men's gift range too - I might not buy one of these for myself but would make super presents for the various men in your life! 


  1. That sounds amazing - I know what you mean about buying giftsets for yourself, but it's got to be done! The foaming bath in particular sounds great xo

  2. sounds like great products! I love overnight treatments and might take a look at this one!!

  3. That body butter sounds divine! Looks like the perfect pamper package :)

  4. This sounds like a gorgeous set, the body butter sounds beautiful! I definitely know what you mean about buying gift sets for yourself, but like you say it's like getting free products so who cares!? Hehe :)

    Jess xo

  5. Gorgeous gift set, although if I bought this I'd just want to keep it for myself! The bubble bath and body butter look fab! Great post :)

    Frankie x

  6. They seems like a very lovely set indeed! I bet that their scents will suit my taste. :) Nice post, btw!


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