21 May 2014

#bloggersdiningclub - Omar Khan's, Bradford

On one night out with Tea Party Beauty Hayley not so long ago we discussed the potential for a local bloggers 'dining club' - basically as an excuse to eat lots of nice food on a semi-regular basis with some of my favourite blogger ladies. We further discussed kicking off this little foodie project in Bradford because, well because I'm sick of trailing over to Leeds for everything, and because you'd be hard pressed to find finer curry anywhere else and that's what we both fancied!

Somehow the lure of Bradford didn't bring out huge numbers of people, but Hayley, Sammie and Jess braved the journey to my fair city where we headed to Omar Khan's to fill ourselves with curry.

Great curry in bradford town centre

Omar Khan's is not only one of the more 'sophisticated' curry establishments in the immediate area, but one of the only few where you can get yourself an alcoholic drink - and since we could, we felt we should and all promptly dove into the Cobra Beer, which is available both in bottles and on tap! We sat perusing the menu with these while we waited for out table.

Omar Khans curry beer

After Sammie had mentioned earlier that her favourite part of any Indian meal is the opening act of poppadoms and pickle tray, we couldn't not add these to our order. Though not the most impressive pickle tray I've come across (Mumtaz, not far up the road from Omar Khan's holds this title so far!), these pre-starter nibbles were nonetheless very tasty and welcome!

omar khans papadums

For my starter I opted for the 'Chicken Poori' - something I'd never tried here before but had been recommended to me, and with good reason! Tender bits of chicken, cooked in a sweet n spicy tomato based sauce, served on a 'poori' - deep fried unleavened bread. As you'd expect from a dish based on deep fried bread, it was a tad greasy - but in the best possible way. I can't pretend this was good for me but it tasted good enough for it to not matter! 

curry house starters in Bradford

When time for main course decisions came about, I wasn't particularly brave or original, opting for my usual Chicken Rogan Josh. It was beautiful - spicy, but not too hot, with the crunch of the fresh peppers contrasting deliciously with the softness of the tender chicken and tasty sauce. As far as portion sizes go, this was about big enough to just about finish and then feel uncomfortably full afterwards - so pretty much perfect!

Omar Khans Curry Bradford

Of course to help with stuffing ourselves we got a few curry-accompaniments - a garlic naan, plain naan and rice between us all. I love garlic naan and could eat it 'til the cows come home and this was no exception. (In Sammie's post here she mentioned she though the naan was a bit sweet. You know sweet doesn't bother me but thought it might be worth mentioning with the aim of a more balanced overview!) Rice is one of those things that I don't think I like 'til I'm eating it and then I realise how good it is! I think it's because I seem completely unable to cook it properly I forget how good it is when cooked by someone who knows what they are doing - and whoever cooked this knew what they were doing! 

curry side dishes bradford omar khans

The bill for the food came to a little less than £15 each (we'd paid for the drinks at the bar) and I've definitely spent more and eaten less before so I left very happy and very full! If anything it was maybe a shame my chicken-and-bread starter didn't really differ vastly from my chicken-and-bread main, but that choice was entirely my own and I do love chicken and bread! 

If you were looking for a good curry in Bradford you could certainly do a lot worse than Omar Khans! Do you have a fall-back curry choice, or are you a bit more adventurous than me? 


  1. Love this idea! Maybe I'll start one in Newcastle :)

  2. I can't cook rice either. WAHHHHHHH. After seeing these pics again I want another curry haha


  3. I really really want a curry now! Hopefully I'll be able to come along to your next one if it's in Leeds, food is always good with me.
    I also can't cook rice to save my life, so I got a rice cooker. It saved my rice life. Highly recommend one!
    Rachel | The Inelegant Wench

  4. All the food looks so yummy :)


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