8 May 2014

Outfit - Standedge Tunnel Trip

Despite todays rather grey skies, sunny times aren't just a thing to be dreamed of anymore! I've been lucky enough to see a few in this recent spate of bank holidays we've had and this last one saw us taking a trip to Standedge Tunnel, as Little Miss fancied 'going on a boat'.

Though a very nice day weather wise, it wasn't too nice to negate the need for a light summer jacket and it gave me a great opportunity to take out my new arrival from La Redoute*.

While perusing their Spring/Summer jackets online, I spotted this Army Jacket that brought back so many memories of my grungey 90's years - I'm sure I owned one just like it around 15 years ago! In fact my boyfriend, who I knew back in those grungey years, said he wasn't sure if it was a new jacket or a really old one!

Unfortunately it doesn't make me feel 15 years younger, but I love it anyway! It's really comfy - light but enough to take the chilly edge off a cooler summer day, with cute little details that give a slightly girlier touch to a very casual jacket. I'm not sure it works as well with a lot of my current wardrobe as with my jeans-and-boots combo of old, but I don't think it goes too badly with this New Look floral number.

Though it's nice to see certain things come back into fashion, it's also handy to know there are certain items that will remain stylish for many many years and I can't think of a time when converse won't be cool, or an outfit you can't wear them with.

They're also very comfy for the kind of pretty, nature-y walk needed to get from the car park to the tunnel entrance (where they also have a very convenient tea room - keep your eyes peeled for more on that!) where we jumped on a boat...

... that took us into the UK's longest canal tunnel!
We didn't go all the way through (though that is an option!) just part way through with a friendly guide who told us all about the history and construction of the tunnel. It certainly was an informative little boat trip and quite a cool thing to see.

I'm so glad we still have one more bank holiday left to go this month too! If you have any good Yorkshire-based suggestions of how I should spend it I'd love to hear them! What will you be doing?

*Item provided free of charge for review purposes


  1. That army jacket looks awesome x

  2. I love the jacket! That will look great in spring with a cute, girly dress :) xx

    Katy | Little Miss Katy

  3. I love the jacket and the dress!

    As for suggestions (and I'm sure I suggested this to you before on twitter), the Yorkshire Wildlife Park in Doncaster is so good! I'm originally from Doncaster and I cannot believe something so lovely is so close! It's had a few extra attractions since I visited almost 2 years ago, but I would recommend it for a great local venture.

    There's also Cusworth hall which is also near Doncaster, I remember loving that as a child!

    Corinne x

  4. The badge details are so pretty, the jacket goes really nicely with the dress! I love your Converse, too :)

    Jess xo


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