1 May 2014

Outfit - RHS Harlow Carr

When the sun showed itself over the last bank holiday weekend I figured 'fresh air' and 'nature' were both in order so I dragged the little ones away from the tv/computer and to the beautiful gardens at RHS Harlow Carr

Harrogate gardens

Isn't it pretty? I may have had slightly ulterior motive for heading this way, but you can read all about that in a future post I'm sure! And I thought I'd take advantage of the sunshine and having two small photographers that sort of have to do what I say and get some outfit shots! 

family day out Harrogate

(That's my daughter by the way sharing my log while trying to clean off her shoes a bit after jumping into a huge muddy puddle - I'm not just posting pictures of strange kids!)

This is my new favourite sunny-days dress - I bought it almost by accident, I'd only popped into Sainsburys for milk and there it was, tempting me with its cheerful lemon print, summery colours and friendly price tag of £18! I love it so much, so light and airy and comfortable - it just makes me yearn for more sunny days! On this occasion I paired it with my Rocket Dog 'Rodger' Boots, and this lovely little fella I picked up in the Ladybird Likes sample sale not so long ago! 

RHS Harlow Carr

To say I never really liked birds - those little flappy tweety things really put me on edge - I have a real soft spot for owls, and I think this one is ever such a handsome devil! 

days out in yorkshire

harrogate garden harlow carr

It was such a beautiful day - surprisingly sunny (I got myself a tad sunburnt!) and the gardens are just lovely to walk around with lots to see and do and a couple of play area stop-offs for the kids, as well as some gorgeous ice cream - and I highly recommend a visit if you are ever in the (roughly Harrogate-ish?) area!


  1. I'm really really hoping for a little but if sunshine over the weekend. I love the idea of heading out for a non cake related adventure in the fresh air. At the moment my blog seems to consist of non stop afternoon teas! \
    I love supermarket clothes, you find some real treats!
    Chloe x

  2. I use to go a lot to Harlow Carr with the parents, I love the garden center there!

  3. Love the color of your dress, so bright :) xo's


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