19 May 2014

Roxy Lanes Leeds Launch Night

Having missed the opening night of Roxy Ballroom in Leeds, I read many a blog post about the evening with green eyes, making promises to myself to get acquainted with the place as soon as possible (promises that I have been very happy to keep!). So when I had the chance to pop along to the big launch night of the Ballroom's new sister venue Roxy Lanes, I jumped at the chance!

Roxy Lanes Leeds Wall Art

In case the name didn't give it away, one of the main draws of the new place is a sleek four-lane bowling alley. But since we were a little early for bowling, we made our first stop off at the bar. And what a handsome bar it was too, moodily lit and well-stocked, but decorated with bowling paraphernalia in case you forget for a moment where you are! 

angry birds bowling ball

Since the bar offered a range of delicious sounding cocktails, this seemed like the natural place for us all to start. (I kicked the evening off with a 'Hit On Me', a delicious concoction of Sailor Jerrys rum, chambord, fresh lime and raspberries, topped off with ginger beer - highly recommended!) The bar staff were a cheery bunch despite the hard work they clearly had on their hands that evening and I'm sure once everyone has got a bit more used to the bar and where everything is kept there will be no stopping them! 

 We made the error of sitting at the opposite end of the room to the kitchen, huge mistake as the trays of food circulating round the room often made their way to us when nearly empty. But to say we got what was essentially the 'leftover' bits of food; the edges of the pizza, the scrappy little chips - everything tasted out of this world! My little nibbles were definitely enough to convince me I need to get back here as soon as possible for a full meal! Usual food choices have been described as 'good old diner fare' and will be served between 12 noon and 1am, though there's a lunchtime deal to be had between 12-5 - and any savings then surely justify spending the difference on dessert? I've heard great things about the cookie dough cheesecake - that sounds right up my street!

Eat DRink Bowl

Anyway, that's enough blathering about food - you know I get distracted! - on to the bowling! Roxy Lanes, as mentioned, contains four brand new shiny bowling lanes shipped all the way from the US of A - very authentic! Roxy have updated the bowling shoe design too, giving theirs a monochrome spin with velcro fastenings. I quite miss the old blue-and-red lace ups of bowling days past but I'm sure Roxy's version will go down a treat with many - as will the opportunity to wear your own flat shoes. 

bowling in leeds city ctr

To help celebrate their opening, the Roxy chaps had enlisted Leeds music heroes The Pigeon Detectives and The Sunshine Underground to demonstrate the lanes in their full glory - by having a bowl-off!

Then everyone else got to have a go. Doesn't Simone look quite the professional? She got a strike too! 

I didn't partake in the bowling myself this time, but Ill definitely have a go next time! It's a brilliant idea, and can see it working a storm in Leeds. It's a far cry from my local mega-bowl and I know which one I'd rather hang out at on an evening with other adults! The place is just cool. I'd love to have a more eloquent way of saying that, but that sums it up. Cool place, cool music, cool drinks. Cool. Can't wait to go again! 


  1. I love that bowling alleys have gone all hip, they're so much better than the old school alleys with plastic chairs and rubbish food!


  2. This looks great! We're moving to Leeds in a few months and I love checking out your blog to find out some of the best places to visit hehe, this is definitely going on my list to have a little trip to :) x

    Natalie | Broke Student Fashion

  3. Love the sound of here! Can't wait to go, it might have to be my birthday outing this year!

    Rachel | The Inelegant Wench


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