14 May 2014

Tea and Cake at Bettys Cafe, RHS Harlow Carr

If you read my previous post about our visit to the gorgeous gardens at RHS Harlow Carr, you may remember me mentioning that I had a bit of an ulterior motive for dragging everyone out there. It may not surprise you that my ulterior motive involved both tea and cake.

As well as being a beautiful place and a lovely day out, RHS Harlow Carr also happens to be the location of the six Bettys Cafes I'm trying to visit as part of my big tea project this year!

As it was just about warm enough to sit outside we didn't have to wait for a table, but those not as brave or impatient as us had a bit of a wait in the queue for the 'coffee shop' (where you can order cakes, pastries and drinks), or the slightly longer one for the café (for the full service/menu).

sitting outside at bettys harlow carr
Since we arrived at just after 10 in the morning, I figured Afternoon Tea wasn't really appropriate but I'd rarely say no to a pot of the good stuff and a baked treat or two. And I'm glad I went for the 'two' because as you see little miss wasted no time in pinching half my scone! I wouldn't mind so much but she didn't even want cream on it - what a waste! Though I suppose it just left me with extra cream on my half so can't complain!

bettys outdoors

They did get to pick their own treats too, if you are wondering why I begrudge sharing my scone so much! Little Miss had picked a gingerbread bunny (it was around Easter when we visited - I'm getting behind on these write ups!), while her big brother opted for a classic chocolate √©clair. Sadly neither of these products lasted long enough for me to photograph/test, but I assume the speedy rate they disappeared was testament to their tastiness! 

Children at bettys

This was also the fist occasion I've seen this - the Little Rascals puzzle book, which was provided to both my little rascals along with a pot of crayons. I do always appreciate these little touches to help keep the impatient little fellas happy and occupied, and they got so stuck into it I managed to eat my other treat in relative peace!

strawberries and cream cake
I had intended to just get the scone with my tea but when I went to counter to order this just called out to me - so pretty and perfect and summery, I knew I had to have it!

As these cream-filled delights often are, it was a bit of a messy eat - with cream squidging out of the sides with each bite, but was totally worth any embarrassment caused by not being able to eat tidily in public - absolutely lovely!

There was an extra Bettys-based treat in store too! In the middle of the gardens we stumbled across the Bettys Ice Cream Kiosk - perfect for cooling down after a couple of hours worth of running around in the sun! The flavour selection was not extensive but covered all the bases nicely, serving the traditional vanilla, strawberry and chocolate as well a more uncommon but very tasty Brown Bread Ice Cream.

Between the three of us I managed to try three of the flavours and they were all beautifully creamy and delicious. I gather from the Betty's Blog that the ice cream is from Archers Jersey Ice Cream in Richmond, so big thumbs up to those guys!

I definitely think more places should do really good tea AND really good ice cream!


  1. I think maybe I need to give Bettys another try. I went to the one in York and was so disappointed. That said we had sandwiches cos it was lunchtime. Maybe I should have gone for the cake!

    I do love tea and cake outside although it's not fun when the wasps decide to join you :(

    Chloe x

  2. Look delicious! Living in Harrogate, I used to visit Harlow Carr quite a lot when I was younger! I might have to go have a re-visit! :) x

  3. I've never heard of Bettys and feel like my like has been pointless until now. THAT SCONE. I have some serious food envy right now xx

    Katy | www.littlemisskaty.co.uk

  4. Oh these treats look so delicious, love the pictures.

    Meg | Meghan Silva's Blog

  5. Cute Little Miss =)

    We had scones and jam and cream on the plane and it reminded me of you, ha. It was also surprisingly good.

    Corinne x

  6. I love sweets :D
    Lovely post!!


  7. Ooh this has made me so hungry reading this! The heart treat looks so yummy, it looks like you had a lovely day :) Great post!

    Frankie x

  8. I agree with how handy it is when places give the kids puzzles and crayons, it's the little things like that that would make me return to a restaurant/cafe especially when we have the newphews out with us. Keeps their attention just that little longer, especially when a place is busy.

  9. oh dear.. I think that I should come where u are and live with you and go out for tea and cakies :D That sounds greattttt hahahah I love all the places you visit! the meals sounds Delicious!


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