29 May 2014

Tea at Ripley Castle

Ok, I'll put my hands up from the outset and admit to this being another one of those days when I'd dragged my poor kids out under the guise of 'a fun, educational family day out', when really I just wanted to visit a nice tearoom. Incidentally our visit to Ripley Castle was a fun and educational day out, but that's by-the-by - how was the tea room?!

cheese and pickle sandwich

I couldn't not get the afternoon tea of course, which came with one choice of sandwich, one choice of cake, scone with jam, cream and butter, with side salad - and a pot of tea of course! I'm still in a bit of a Wensleydale obsession since our recent visit to the Wensleydale Creamery in Hawes, so that had to be my sandwich option, served with a delicious plum chutney.

ripley castle cafe

I made a bit of an error in making cake selection, in that I read the cake board completely wrong! For some reason I was sure I'd read something about a chocolate orange cake, which I'd made up my mind sounded perfect, but when I glanced at the board as the nice lady took my order I realised that it had said 'chocolate fudge cake' all along. In my panic I just blurted out the next thing down on the list, which was carrot cake. 

yorkshire cafes

Not that is turned out badly for me at all, as far as carrot cake goes this was very nice, moist and with plenty of that sweet cream cheese topping, just perhaps not what I would have chosen were I paying more attention. (It would probably have been one of those sizeable Bakewell tarts - I do like a good tart!)

The afternoon tea was £11.50, and came with plenty of good hot tea. Not the cheapest ever but far from the most expensive, and I was left highly satisfied but not so full I couldn't manage my long walk around the castle grounds. 

I did notice they had some lovely sounding ice creams available but we'd pre-agreed to get ice cream when we were done at the Ripley Ice Cream Shop we'd seen the sign for on our way in, so gave it a miss here for the time being. 

There's plenty of outside seating as well as tables inside the tea room. The nice weather on our visit meant a lot of people were sat outside so we didn't have any trouble finding a table inside, but it might have been a bit of a squeeze on a less sunny day. Unless of course less people would make the trip to Ripley Castle in less sunny weather! 

If you do find yourself at a loose end on a sunny day in Yorkshire, you could do a lot worse than a day out Ripley, where I'm sure you'd need to refresh yourself at some point with a nice cup of tea and a slice of cake! 


  1. CAKE FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Silly lady :p Those Bakewells do look good! x

  2. The carrot cake looks absolutely gorgeous (although I would have gone for the bakewell too, look at the size of them!!) I never think to visit tea rooms at places like this, but £11.50 is pretty good for afternoon tea so I might have to start having a look around!

    S xo.


  3. Well. Next time I'm in Yorkshire, I'm heading to Ripley Castle. Emma Louise Layla x

  4. everything looks absolutely delicious! Especially the carrot cake!
    Your posts are always fun to read, lovely really :)

  5. This sounds like a lovely little place! I love that you get your kids out thinking this is a family outing but really it is chance for you to get tea and cake! ;)



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