5 May 2014

Tea at Tennants Auctioneers

On the way from our recent blogger holiday, we made a number of stop-offs - from cheese makers to tea pot factories (who wants posts?!) - so it was quite by accident that I found myself driving past Tennants Auctioneers and luckily recognised it as one of the places left to tick off my Yorkshire Tea Trail. It didn't take too much effort to convince Hayley, Sammie and Jess to call in for a cuppa while we were in the neighbourhood.

tennants auctioneers cafe

Since we were all still very full of cheese none of us could manage much in the way of food but I thought it only fair, for the sake of the trail, that I try to squeeze in a slice of cake while I was there. The sponge was light and soft and filled with buttercream - I know some people see buttercream as like a poor substitute for proper cream but I have a real weakness for the stuff. 

auction house yorkshire

According to the website, they do a full afternoon tea (£8) between 2 and 4.30 on weekdays, but I didn't see any evidence of this in the tea room - I couldn't see it mentioned on any of the menu boards or anything like that. Of course, since I struggled with my slice of cake as it was there was no way I could have gone through a full afternoon tea but it would have been nice for confirmation I could have got one if I wanted! They did have a range of hot and cold food as well as a small cake selection and a few different teas to choose from though. 

The tea room is found in the rather grand setting of Tennants Auctioneers in Leyburn, so we were all a bit surprised by some of the lack of grandness found in the tea room. It's in a great old room, with some very fancy looking bits in - but plastic table cloths do not a fancy cafe make. 

We did get a couple of tiny peeks at some of the auction items though a gap in the door on the way in, and it looked like a most intriguing room of junk/treasure! Though Tennants wasn't mind-blowing as a tea experience maybe another visit on auction day would give us a more all-inclusive view of the place!

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  1. You didn't have much room for food but managed to squeeze in some cake :) That's my girl! The cake looks delicious



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