22 May 2014

Tea at Watersedge Cafe, Standedge Tunnel

I'd mentioned in a previous post that we'd popped along to the Standedge Tunnel Visitors Centre not so long ago so we could 'go on a boat'... and I'll admit that one of my reasons for suggesting this boaty place over a number of other local options was that it seemed like a good opportunity to tick Watersedge Cafe off my 'tea list'!

longest canal tunnel in uk

Turns out it wasn't the best day for a visit primarily for food-based reasons, as one of the first things I noticed when sitting down was sign letting customers know that the usual food service wouldn't be happening that day! So unfortunately I can't comment on their usual fare, but they were thankfully still doing tea and cake which is all I really went for anyway...!

cafe at standedge tunnel

Despite looking like a fairly tiny tea pot, I got a good couple of refills from it which is always nice, and the cake selection had plenty of yummy looking options to choose from. I can never resist a really oozy looking caramel sauce so I took this little caramel-and-walnut number back to my table with me! It was as good as it looked!

cake at standedge tunnel

Because we made our visit on such a nice sunny day, most people were sat on one of the plentiful picnic tables outside, meaning we got the inside to ourselves for a little while. The seating area was in a separate room from the serving area (which is also where you buy the boat tickets, if anyone fancies a trip inside the UK's longest canal tunnel!), which meant it was nice and quiet. It was cool despite the heat outside, and nicely decorated with boat related bits and bobs (I want to say 'nautical', but is that just the actual sea as opposed to canals and stuff?).

cafe near boat trip

The outside is lovely too, pretty and old and right on the waterfront - with a very nearby little play area for the kids as well as the boats right outside for entertainment, and of course the beautiful Yorkshire countryside everywhere you look. Though the tea was fine and the cake good, I can only imagine it is the lovely location that earned the Watersedge Cafe its place on Welcome To Yorkshire's Tea Trail!


  1. That cake looks amaaazing! I love when a pot of tea has enough for a refill or two :)

    Jess xo

  2. Beautiful photos, the cake looks yummy! I was just in Yorkshire this past week, so I'm putting this on my list of places to go for next time!

    Frankie x

  3. It honestly looks so delicious! I really can't wait to visit all those nice places to drink tea and eat cakes :D YUM
    Lovely post as well!


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