2 May 2014

The Famous 1657 Chocolate House - Kendal

Yup, I'm still dragging out the Bloggers Holiday posts - well it was a busy and fun filled couple of days! We decided that on one of the full days there we should head out of Arnside, bustling hub that it is, and into one of the surrounding towns for a look round. Kendal had been proposed as one of the local options, and while looking through one of the guide books to the area conveniently left in the accommodation I spotted something that made me very happy to agree to it as our destination - the 1657 Chocolate House.

great chocolate in the lake district

For many of our party the priority was tracking down a Superdrug to find the Bourjois Velvet Lip Things that became a bit of an obsession over the weekend but I hadn't let this place stray far from my thoughts and was more than a bit giddy when we stumbled across it! Just as it started raining a bit too.... so we really didn't have any choice about calling in for a warm drink!

Famous Chocolate House Lake District

The hot chocolate menu was most impressive - though I suppose it should be for a place that specialises in chocolate! I'm not very good in that sort of situation though as I'm terribly indecisive. I just keep running my choices through my head on a loop until I'm stopped and whatever I'm on is the winner - a flavour pass-the-parcel! On this occasion, the word blurted out to the waitress was 'Cortez', representing a rum flavoured hot chocolate (well it seemed to match the mood for the rest of the weekend!) served with a piece of rum and raisin fudge!

Would you believe I didn't order a jam and cream scone to go with it? That lasted a whole minute or so until I realised everyone else had and I didn't want to be left out of course! It was pretty huge but I managed to get it finished amid a conversation about the 'proper' jam and cream order (which is of course jam first, then cream).

cafe in kendall

The tea room was adorable, old and quaint and of course full of sweet treats, but one not-to-be-underestimated bonus of the place is it's situation directly above the associated chocolate shop. This place was like a little treasure trove of chocolately delights and I couldn't leave without taking a few of the tasty morsels with me! The had a very fancy version of pick'n'mix so I grabbed myself a couple of tasters, including a delicious lime and chilli mmmmm!

You can order online from the shop but obviously that won't get you a hot chocolate so the best thing you can do really is call in and get yourself a nice warm mug of the sweet stuff!


  1. It's so weird seeing this place on your blog, I grew up literally five minutes from Arnside & spent a lot of my formative years in Kendal haha! The rum hot chocolate sounds amazing.

    Jess xo

  2. Popping over from Twitter so hello!
    I am incredibly jealous though of the visit- I am a self confessed Chocoholic, so I am now trying to persuade Elder that we must go and experience Kendal! I would be spoiled for choice too, and the scones look delish too. In my house it would have been a discussion on the correct pronunciation of Scone, as everyone indeed knows jam first then cream :) I am off to order some treats now

  3. This place looks fantastic!

    I'm with you ... it's definitely jam then cream!

  4. Wow amazing choices for the hot chocolates!! :)


  5. Yeap always jam then cream, but lots and lots of jam first!

  6. Ohh, this looks lovely! I don't think I'd be able to pick! I'm so jealous of your blogger holiday, it seems lovely =)

    Corinne x

  7. Those chocolates look amazing, what a fabulous place!

  8. You made me wanna eat chocolate now :)

  9. awwww.... the shop looks so cozy n the chocs r tempting!!!


  10. omg this has got me drooling!!! I am cooking dinner now, but chocolate is definitely going to be the dessert tonight!! :)



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