10 May 2014

Time to Decorate

I'm decorating this week. It's not how I like to spend me evenings, preferring by far to be tucked up early in bed with a good book and a cup of tea, but it's long overdue!

We're starting with Little Miss, as the last time her room was done she wasn't even a real person, just a hypothetical baby-to-be, and now she's a real, personality filled little lady so her so her bland and babyish room doesn't suit her.

Soon enough though, if I haven't burnt myself out or gotten bored of the project, it's my turn! My bedroom hasn't been touched in nearly as long as is full of hand-me-down furniture and cheap supermarket soft furnishings. So it would be nice to fill the room with things chosen because I like them, rather than because they were free or cheap or convenient.

I've bought furniture from Argos and the like before and though it's usually been 'fine' and done the job it's supposed to for a while, I don't think we have a single drawer left in the house that works as it should! I guess quality control can be a problem when you buy something from a picture in a magazine or on a webpage. 

Tomorrow we have a trip to York planned and I've scheduled in a stop off at Rodgers Of York - it'll be nice to go see everything all set up and properly so I can check it all out properly and hopefully get a sense of what it actually might look like in my room! 

If course, dreams of a big clear out and shiny new furniture are probably unrealistic - I'll more than likely just get myself some new bed covers and if I really push the boat out - some curtains! Still it's always surprising how much these little touches can make to a room! 

* Pictures borrowed from the Rodgers of York website, none have the slightest similarity to my bedroom - past, present or future.... but one can hope! 
** Brand collaboration.


  1. Oh dreams of decorating! When we buy a house my dresser is doomed for a new life downstairs and no longer in the bedroom, mainly because it's an utter beast and there's no chance we can manage it upstairs - oh the joys of vintage heavy furniture. I'll have to re-purpose it into something for the office.

  2. I cannot WAIT to own my own home and be able to decorate - I love choosing paint and furniture and things :D
    I'd love to see before & afters of your decorating :)

    Jess xo


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