3 June 2014

Bettys Stonegate, York

The last time I was in York for the day I found myself in quite an unprecedented position - for the first time in perhaps the history of the world, there was no queue at Bettys. This wasn't at an obscure time on a weekday either, nope, this was mid afternoon on a Sunday! So though a stop t Bettys wasn't actually part of my day's plan, you can completely understand why I couldn't let an opportunity like that slip through my fingers!

Since we'd been to 'proper Betty's' on our last visit, it was the turn of 'Little Betty's', - the adorable but less showy branch on York's Stonegate. The shop is downstairs where you can buy all kinds of cakey treats but we fancied a sit-down cakey treat accompanied by a hot cup of tea, so we headed upstairs to the tea room where we were miraculously seated straight away. 

Best cake at bettys

Since the cakes on display were too plentiful and delicious looking for me to choose between, I allowed myself to be led by the suggestion of our helpful waiter. He assured me I couldn't go too far wrong with the Engadine Torte, and despite having no idea what this was I nodded my assent - the guy seemed very confident in this Torte!

Swiss torte

And with every good reason, too. It turns out Engadine Torte is a delicious mess of hazelnut and almond meringue - topped with a little blob of delicious caramelly nuttiness. The name comes from the region in Switzerland where Bettys founder Frederick Belmont grew up and this, accompanied with a good cup of tea in the beautiful city of York seems to be a pretty perfect way of celebrating Betty's Swiss/Yorkshire roots.

tea at bettys

The 'good cup of tea' on this occasion was the rather wonderful 'Ceylon Blue Sapphire' - one of the 'speciality' blends, a very special tea indeed! It hasn't surpassed the China Rose Petal as my favourite Bettys brew, but a change is as good as a rest, so they say!

Im sure it goes without saying that I enjoyed my impromptu visit to Betty's very much - the tea was great, the cake divine, the service excellent (our young lad came back to see what I thought of my torte with a seeming genuine interest that his recommendation had been enjoyed, and a quiet confidence that it had) - and it was especially gratifying to see the long queue snaking down the tea room stairs on our way out! 


  1. this looks amazing! I will go anywhere, for cake :)

  2. want want want want, nay, I NEED THIS CAKE IN MY MOUTH

  3. omg that cake!!! :)

  4. Can never go wrong with a trip to Betty's.

  5. That cake looks and sounds amazing! :)


  6. Why can't you just take me with you to all the nice places you visit to drink tea and eat cake ... I don't understand.. really. I'm just joking around!
    The Engadine Torte looks interesting and delicious! Lovely post!

  7. I had this most delicious torte at their Harrogate site while visiting my daughter last week. It was indeed the best blend and made all my taste buds smile!


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