14 June 2014

How I'm Supporting England This World Cup

You may have noticed that the World Cup is upon us. It's a time of national pride and a general enthusiasm for En-ger-land. I, however, have no interest in football in the slightest, so I am showing support for my home country in a different way. 

tea grown in cornwall

Though known as great tea loving nation, we don't really grow much of the stuff. I remember the disappointment in my youth when I realised Yorkshire Tea wasn't actually from Yorkshire. But then one of my lovely work colleagues went to Cornwall on holiday and very kindly brought me back this clever little box! Not only blended and packaged in the UK like so many other tea brands, this stuff is grown on our very own shores! 

tea bag quotes

Not only do we have a properly English tea, but further research indicates the company, Tregothnan, actually do a whole range of different teas, prettily packaged and with individually wrapped tea bags to keep them extra fresh. 

the home of english tea

The only problem is,... it's not that great. I'm bringing a set of mixed reviews to the table as my brother wasn't keen at all, the mister believes it to have great potential, and while I thought it was alright I certainly wont be making this my standard go-to 'classic' tea. 

It would definitely make a great little gift though, especially if anyone is visiting the area, and I'd certainly try some other things from the range. It's a shame I didn't enjoy this more as I LOVE the idea of it, and will definitely drink it and feel more patriotic over the World Cup period! Maybe with a nice English biscuit of some kind. . . 


  1. Aw, it's a pity it wasn't that great! We drink the cheap value tea haha. I don't know why, we just always have done and I don't really see a difference between that and a more expensive version.

    Stop it, I can feel you judging me.

    Corinne x

  2. I had this tea for christmas, it was nice but nothing more special in taste to the normal and cheaper PG tips! Is definitely a quirky gift though :) x


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