12 June 2014

#bloggersdiningclub - Cielo Blanco, Leeds

Last week marked the second of our Bloggers Dining Club food-filled evenings out. Being in Leeds rather than Bradford unsurprisingly attracted a few more faces, and Sammie, Jess, Caitlin, Corinne, Rachel, Jenna and myself headed out to find somewhere good to eat. 

Being a bit.... well, we'll go with 'disorganised', we hadn't pre-decided on an eating venue so all arranged to meet up at Roxy Ballroom to figure out where we were heading to. Many options were discussed, so plenty of ideas for future occasions, but this time we decided to aim for Cielo Blanco. 

Mexican food leeds

We'd discussed this as an option previously but put it on the back burner as Jess had only visited a few days earlier - but he insisted she was happy to again and she said so with such enthusiasm we figured it was probably worth going to! 

margarita leeds

The Mexican restaurant is tucked away in a top corner of Leeds Trinity Shopping Centre. I didn't think I'd heard of it before Sammie mentioned it as a potential spot, but as the ladies that know their way round a bit better than I do led me there I realised that I had quite obviously seen and walked past it a few times.

cocktail making in leeds

We had a few minutes to wait before our table was ready so headed to the bar to peruse the drinks menu. Since it was a Mexican restaurant and it was a big important blogger date, I figure it was only right that I should have at least one Margarita. I opted for a Union Street Margarita, 'Herencia blanco shook up with homemade pineapple syrup, basil, pineapple juice and black pepper', and it was delicious. At £6.95, I wasn't going to be drinking more than one of them, but I really enjoyed the one I had!

margarita menu leeds

Once we had out drinks and out table it was time to settle down and have a good look from the menu. As well as the expected Burritos and Enchiladas, Cielo Blanco offers a couple of options for a more sociable and sharey meal, and before long we all opted for the Mexican Street Food Experience. You and your fellow diners get to pick what works out at three dishes each from an extensive menu which you can then share as you fancy. This is £11.95 per person, making it nice and easy to work out who owes what when you are in a group!

Mexican food leeds trinity

To keep things simple we ordered in small groups, so Caitlin and I narrowed made out choices together and came up with six (well... more like five, but I'll get to that!) dishes we liked the sound of. As a nice little bonus treat while we waited for our food we discovered Cielo Blanco like to treat their customers to free tortilla chips and dips! This was just enough to really whet my appetite, so I was very glad when the food started to arrive shortly after. 

mexican tapas leeds

The first thing to be brought over were out Pork Tostadas - slow cooked cured pork, shredded and served on a crispy fried tortilla. Though not the easiest thing to figure out how to eat in a polite manner (Do I just pick it up and bite it? Do I attempt a knife and fork?), this was delicious. 

leeds mexican street foos

I was less impressed with the squid version of the tostada, but that's all down to me being fussy and squeamish! This was the one of the six I was much less sure about but thought I'd give it a try in the spirit of adventure. I think it's safe to say I'm not a squid person! I was however assured by the squid eaters amongst us that this was very nice squid! 

Cielo Blanco tacos leeds

Possibly my favourite of the dishes we received were the Chicken Tinga Tacos (above) - though we never did work out exactly what chicken tinga is despite a lengthy conversation on the subject. I'd definitely get these again if I ever went back. The Salt Beef Flautas (below) were really good too! 

sharing food in leed

The quesadillas didn't go down down quite as well, but it wasn't 'til I double checked the menu to write this post that I come to realise it was probably because we got the wrong one. We'd hoped for rump steak and jalapeno ketchup and was very surprised that neither of us could taste any steak. On reflection I think it's because we actually received the double cheese version! I'm sure this would have been rectified immediately by the friendly and helpful staff if we'd mentioned it to them at the time but I think we were too preoccupied by all the other food to work it out! 

cielo blanco

The pork meatballs in spicy chorizo sauce were really meaty and tasty, but they were the last thing I got to and I think by that point I was too full to really appreciate them! 

I always have trouble deciding on one dish when looking at a menu, so ordering this way is the perfect solution for me as I get to try a little bit of all the things I fancy! All the options mean you get to be a little more adventurous and try something you are not so sure about (like the squid), while still making sure you have plenty you know you'll eat to fall back on. 

My only real disappointment with Cielo Blanco was the lack of sweet things. You know I like my sugar so imagine how sad I was when we were just brought the bill instead of a tempting dessert menu. It wasn't the end of the world (as we just nipped over the road to Roast and Conch for cake and chocolate) but would have just helped to round out a very enjoyable meal. 

If you are in and about Leeds and fancy joining us for the next Dining Club escapade, we'd love to have ya - and you can vote for the next foody venue here! Also any suggestions for good food in and around Leeds are always very welcome! 


  1. This all sounds very familiar?! :p I clearly need to move to Leeds and join your dining club!

    We had the meatballs too and I found them far too spicy. My mouth was on fire!

    We did ask about desserts and they seemed a bit confused at the idea. Basically they only have churros. So going to Roast&Conch is def the best option :)

    Chloe x

  2. I am so glad we went here! I'm the type of girl that prefers like a few starters to share rather than a main or a dessert, so it was perfect for me!

    I'm jealous of your photos! Hopefully I can come next time and take some pictures. I am off work but it's my birthday and I think my housemates have booked it off to do something together. Doom on birthday =( I'll have to find out!

    Corinne x

  3. This sounds super yummy! Love all the little bits you got to try!


  4. This sounds lovely, I love being able to try a bit of everything! I'd be gutted about the absence of dessert though haha

    Jess xo

  5. Looks delicious!!! I haven't had lunch just yet and my mouth is watering!!!


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