19 June 2014

Confectioners Afternoon Tea at The Croft

I'd mentioned in a recent post that we'd popped up to Croft for tea - we specifically went to visit the Croft Tea Rooms, the most Northerly spot on the Yorkshire Tea Trail.

confectioners afternoon tea

My absolute favourite thing about the Croft Tea Rooms is the option the offer for a 'Confectioners Afternoon Tea' - you may be familiar with the problems I often have with afternoon tea sandwiches ('the salmon problem'), but the confectioners afternoon tea promised lots of cakey goodness without the pesky uncooked fish so sounded perfect to me!

There's plenty of nice tea on the menu too, from good old Ringtons. Unfortunately I'd already ordered a plain ole tea before looking at the menu (I usually do to be fair when it's to go with cake as you don't have to worry about flavour-clashes, regular tea works with everything!), but the Strawberries and Cream Infusion sounds like a delight!

tea at croft tea room
Scones were served warm with a pot of fresh whipped cream and a choice of too jams. Unable to decide between them, I had one blackcurrant half and one raspberry - and both were lovely!

croft tea room scones

But it's always the plate of little mini-cakes that get me most excited! You generally know what you are getting with a scone but this it is always new, different and exciting! My first port of call was the little meringue things - pretty dollops of sugar held together with cream. These were lovely and just the right size - any bigger and the high sugar content may have proved too much even for me! From there I moved onto the little pink things - I was momentarily disappointed on fist bite, as I'd been expecting a soft, squidgy melt-in-your mouth macaroon, but this was just a well-presented pair of pink biscuits with strawberry cream in the middle. Once I know that's what it was, it was a very nice version of that thing, but I've been craving proper macaroons since my visit here!

mini brownie, lemon tart, macaron, meringue

Lemon tarts are one of my favourite desserty things, and these were lovely. The filling was quite runny and likely to spill if you held it the wrong way and weren't paying attention (not that that happened to me or anything!) but if you kept it all in the right place it was lovely. The brownies were gorgeous too, though I didn't actually get round to eating these 'til the next day!
I'd expected the confectioners afternoon tea would be just the regular afternoon tea but without the sandwiches, but unless the regular afternoon tea is exceedingly generous, we also got an extra layer of cake!

confectioners afternoon tea

Unfortunately I was all caked-out by this point (and that's not something I say often!) so we took these home with us where they promptly devoured by the little fellas so I can't say much about how these tasted but they sure looked lovely!
I don't like to complain (though you wouldn't believe me if you looked at my last couple of tea room posts, I must be getting fussier with my old age!), but if I had one niggle with the Croft Tea Room it's that it took a really long time for us to get our cakes. We'd pre-booked in and though we got out tea almost straight away it was nearly half an hour before the cake stand emerged, meaning the tea was pretty much either gone or cold by the time we got to eat. I know I could have asked for fresh tea but as one wasn't offered we just made do with what we had. I have no doubt I could have got further through the pile of cake with a nice brew to wash it all down with but on it's own it was a little hard going, which is why we decided to take half of it with us instead! (Glad I always have spare boxes in the car!)
Apart from this little hiccup, it was great. The location is lovely, the tea room pleasant, the staff friendly, the cakes tasty and the idea of the confection-only tea a stroke of genius for us sugar-minded folk and based on the assumption out delay was a one-off, I'd definitely recommend the place!

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  1. Shame the tea came out way before the cake! How annoying :( I'm so so fussy when it comes to afternoon tea too but I think as it's such an indulgent treat it should be perfect!


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