7 June 2014

Cow And Calf Rocks Cafe, Ilkley

Monday was a teacher training day for the little ones, resulting in a bonus day off for me, hurrah! Since the weather wasn't too bad, we thought we'd make a trip up to Ilkley, to see some big rocks and drink some tea.

great views yorkshire

Yup, I'll admit that one of my reasons for the suggesting this for our visit was to tick the little cafe near the Cow and Calf rocks off my Tea List. Though I suppose 'cafe' is a bit strong,.. I always more thought of this place as more of an elaborate hut that serves ice cream. The big awning thing out front is new since my last visit I think, and does make it look a little less like Royston Vasey's Local Shop.

ice cream hut ilkley moor

Having only visited for Ice Cream before, I was impressed by a fairly extensive menu for such a teeny place but decided that the bacon sandwich I was so tempted by wouldn't really fit the cakey nature of the tea room recap so far and ordered the scone with jam and cream to go with my tea instead. 

Now, I'm not the kind of scone purist that will only accept the best clotted cream on my scone, and I'm generally happy to be served them with decent thick fresh whipped cream - but this is definitely the first time I'd been served a scone with squirty cream from a can. And not even good squirty cream . .  And since I was served it just like this, I had no idea of or control over the amount of jam hiding under the creamy mess. I might be being overly fussy but scone-to-jam-to-cream ratios are a very personal thing! 

I did do my very best but couldn't make myself eat it all, and it's not often I turn down scones! 

yorkshire rocks exploring

But if the scones are not a good reason to visit this place, the wonderful surroundings are! After a warming cup of tea (which, incidentally, wasn't great either, but not as obviously 'wrong' as the scone), we went to explore. 

It's a beautiful area, and one I've always enjoyed visiting, but going with the kids now makes me realise what a massive wimp I am! Heights are not my thing . . . . but these two are fearless and I think I lost count of the times I said things like 'don't get so close to the edge' and 'be careful'.

Depending on the weather when you visit Ilkley moor (I've only every found it to be baking hot or cold and windy, if not wet), then the Cow and Calf Rocks Cafe is a very handy place to pick up a hot cup of tea or cooling ice cream - just avoid the scones! 


  1. Those scones look delicious pity about the taste! I love a good walk myself and the scenery looks amazing.

  2. Those scones look delicious pity about the taste! I love a good walk myself and the scenery looks amazing.

  3. That is an absolute scone crime :(

  4. Shame about the scones because they look really yummy!
    Nothing can beat Starbucks' squirty cream haha


  5. Oh man! I need to go here, it is STUNNING! Ilkley is such a beautiful town and there are no views like the country lanes of west yorkshire. I went for a meal somewhere once where the surroundings were like this, I'm not really in contact with my ex so I can't ask him but it was stunning and reminded me of this!

    Corinne x

  6. This place is so beautiful! It's too bad the scones weren't good though. :/

  7. the place is beautiful and very interesting!


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