4 June 2014

Degustabox UK May Box

If you've read this blog at all, ever, then it seems likely that you know by now that I'm an absolute sucker for subscription boxes. If I can get it in a monthly surprise direct to my door, I want it. There was a time not so long ago when the only subscription boxes I knew were the beauty ones, but after collecting a house full of unused beauty samples I figured it was time to turn my back on them (apart from the Korean memeboxes that I just can't say no to, but I'm not counting them as its not a subscription as such,... and because I don't want to). Instead, it was time for me to turn to something I love equally, but that has more chance of actually being  used and appreciated - food. 

food delivery box

I'd seen Degustabox pop up on a couple of blogs before I was offered the chance to try one myself, so I was already very interested in the brand and the service they provide - basically a box of food (10-15 items) packaged and delivered for your eating pleasure, giving you the chance to try out brand new products and limited edition releases from known and loved brands, as well as those a little less familiar.

Here's what I got in the May Box:

Cirio tomatoes in food subscription box

The first thing I pulled out of my box was the Garofalo pasta. We eat a lot of pasta in our household, and this is a very handsome addition to out pasta cupboard. They make 76 different shapes of pasta - I think I'd struggle to think of half that many - so they must know what they are doing! To go with the pasta are a ready-to-use passata, and a tomato puree from Cirio. Nothing particularly ground-breaking here but steady away cupboard essentials that are bound to get used! 

elizabeth shaw chocolates

You know I'm always happy to see tea,.well.... anywhere! And Taylors of Harrogate are a great brand to have on board. The Blackberry and Elderflower tea isn't really my thing as I'm not a huge fruity-tea lover but I imagine this would be lovely on a sunny day (so come on out sun!) - and I'm working on a few other things to do with this too so keep your eyes peeled for that!

I've only really come to appreciate dark chocolate relatively recently, as I really like the fact I can pretend its good for me! The Elizabeth Shaw Dark Chocolate Cocoa Crunch Flutes are just enough of a treat to curb those oh-so-common sugar cravings, but its a lot easier to recognise when you've had enough! 

cake release sprat dr oetker

The Dr Oetker Cake Release Spray is awesome. I wasn't sure I'd get a lot of use out of it (when I was little greasing up the cake tin was the bit I was allowed to do, and so always one of my favourite parts!), but I put this to good use over the weekend (find out what on in a couple of days!) and I'm pretty impressed! This will definitely come in handy. 

The Raw Energy Chewing Gum is definitely not something I've seen before, but my hard working brother who had a lot to get done over the weekend 'borrowed' one of these packets over the weekend and confirms they do indeed have a very similar effect on him as energy drinks do. I'm not convinced he meant this in an entirely positive way, as there's no way those things can be food for you, but they are undoubtedly a big helping hand to many on occasion! 

granola to go

The Cawston Press Cloudy Apple is lovely - they apparently 'press and blend the best tasting apple varieties Cox's Orange Pippin, Braeburn and Bramley, and simply add some sparkle' - and they sure do it well because the result is a delicious, not too sweet or artificial tasting appley drink - yum!

I've not tried the On The Go Lizi's Granola yet as I'm a bit torn over it, I'm not really a granola person and the idea of just adding cold water doesn't seem quite right, but the 'treacle and pecan' flavour is telling me I can't not give it a go! I think the answer is to keep it at work for one of those (frequent) days I don't have time for breakfast and I'm starving for mid-morning - and I'm sure it'll go down a treat then! 

strawberry and lime pear cider hornsbys

I've cracked open one of these tonight, the Hornsby's Pear Cider with Strawberry and Lime was meant to be my liquid companion for the writing of this post, but the drank sadly is long gone while I'm still chuntering away. It was really good . . . .I wasn't keen on the smell, but the taste was really nice, a bit of a weird combo but as long as I didn't breathe in too much on the way to my mouth with the glass I got on with this swimmingly. The Apple one is still waiting for me in the fridge! 

I feel like I've said this quite a bit in my run down of this box, but sweet potatoes aren't my thing. Still, I dove into these with an open mind and found that,.. well,.. sweet potatoes aren't my thing. But the idea of the box is to try things, and try them I did. And I could have loved them, it could have been a huge life changing discovery . . and maybe for someone it will be. There's a chilli version of these available (as opposed to my 'lightly salted' bag) which might have worked better as the stronger flavour might have covered the taste of sweet potato a little better, but chance are I'll stick to regular crisps! Some people in the office love them though, so they wont go to waste! 

The Degustabox is £12.99 including delivery (significantly less than the value of the goods inside), and you can sign up here. Whether the price is worth it depends of course on how many of the products you are likely to enjoy, as personal preference plays a huge part in how these things pan out - but if you are a relatively fuss-free eater you should find plenty in each of these boxes to tickle your fancy! And if you aren't yet convinced, you can save £3 off your first box with the code IMR55! 

You can pester Degustabox on twitter and on facebook, but I don't think they'll reveal any upcoming secrets unfortunately!


  1. I loooove sweet potato, those crisps sound amazing!! Flavoured ciders are definitely my thing, too - I think I'd have got on pretty well with this box! :)

    Jess xo

  2. I ordered my first box yesterday :) as they had half off your first box! cant wait :) it looks really good, im interested in the dark chocolate :)

    Catherine x

    beauty is in the eye of the beholder

  3. Oh I need this box in my life! I love these box subscriptions, might have to add it to my ever growing pile of them! :)


  4. I too am pleased to see subscription boxes go beyond beauty products, I always knew I'd end up with too many unused samples so food boxes are much more worthwhile!
    I'm hearing such good things about that cake tin spray, it seems like a miracle :O


  5. Wow this looks amazing, what a fantastic selection of things to try! I always tend to avoid food based subscriptions as I always think of them as being a bit health-food centred but this looks yummy without being full of junk food/veggies!

  6. oh nom nom nom so good!!! love the italian ingredients! love all of it actually!!! :D

  7. Seems like a great box with so many goodies to eat and drink :)

  8. I'm so tempted to order one of these at some point :)


  9. A good box of contents but I am still unsure whether or not I like the sound of the box x


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