9 June 2014

Memebox All In One Super Box

I know we've just had a memebox post and I did completely intend on putting a couple of other posts between them, but this is the only one I have ready and since it's Game of Thrones night, it's not likely I'm gonna get anything else written!  This one is the All In One Superbox, full of hard-working multi-use products, sounded perfect for a lazy bones like me!

multiuse beauty products from korea

Cheekroom Lip & Cheek Balm ($8) - A two-in-one first, a coloured balm for lips and cheeks. It's full of jojoba oil and shea butter as well, so it moisturises while it colours. I'd read it was 'orange' on the card before I took a good look at it and worried a bit, but thankfully the colour isn't too orange!

cute korean make up

Inner Face Sunday Cream ($29) - It was the spoiler for this product that originally piqued my interest in this box - a SPF 50+ face cream that also moisturises, acts as a make up base and provides  a bit of extra coverage too. This definitely sounds like it could be my new best friend. 

all in one face cream korean

SNB Magic Eye Makeup Remover ($4) - I've had something very similar to this before and found them very handy, especially for on-the-go or trips away. Make up remover is contained in the little stick bit, give it a twist and the remover will flood into the cottony end, ready to clean up any make up mishaps! 

180 Days Chok Chok Miss Mist ($28) - An all-over instant moisture spray. I imagine this will be great on any hot days we might get! The packaging reminds me very much of the Lush toner sprays that I love. 

korean moisture spray

Skin & Lab Green Gel Oil ($38) - A very fancy sounding moisturising oil,... can use it on your face before moisturiser for a matte finish, after moisturiser for a dewy finish, or mix it with foundation/bb cream,...or use it on feet to smooth heels.

korean moisture oil

Verite All In One Cream ($78) - Wowsers, I've just spotted that RRP, this better be good! An all in one face cream to moisturise, nourish, brighten and renew your skin. 

korean face cream

To be honest, I'm a little dubious about how 'multi-use' a couple of these are, but they all seem great regardless and I'm looking forward to really getting everything tested out properly. At $39 it's not the cheapest box on the market, though the value of the products inside far outweighs the cost of the box.

You can see all the other available Superboxes here.


  1. The Sunday Cream sounds great! Another lovely box :)

    Jess xo

  2. The makeup remover cotton buds sound amazing! Haven't seen anything like that in the UK, but I'll be on the lookout for them!!!


  3. The Sunday cream immediately caught my eyes! It looks interesting and fun!

  4. As a super pale ghosty lady, the Sunday Cream is now on my radar! Thanks! :)



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