13 June 2014

Memebox Global #11

Yeah,.. it's another one! Are you bored of these yet? This is what I got in my Memebox global #11 - it's full of treats! 

korean beauty product box

I've said before that one of my favourite things about getting these deliveries is the wonderful use of English on the packaging and accompanying literature - the Believe in a Bottle Moistfull Booskin promises to 'boost your skin more moist and elastic amazingly!', so it's gotta be good! 

weird korean products

The Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Cinema City CC Cream ($30) has not only one of the best names of any product but probably the cutest packaging in history. I don't even really care what's inside or if it works (though that'd be nice), it's already one of my favouite things ever! 

Korean dinosaur cream

This is not the colour selection I'd have picked for my Hope Girl Nail Travel Bling Bling Set (which was also available in Sugar Mint, Silver Shine and Gold Shine, as well as the Pink Syrup set I received), but once I got this lot on my nails I was very pleasantly surprised by how much I liked the effect - you'll be seeing it soon on another post!

korean hope girl nail trio

It's another cute little thing here, the Witch's Pouch Radiant Lolli Tint in Funky Bloom. The instructions suggest you should 'apply the lip tint from the inner contours of your lips for featuring naturally gradated, plump lips' - not quite sure I managed that with my less than professional application but I got my lips looking a pretty colour, if not naturally gradated and plump! 

lolli tint

The Illi Fresh Moisture Body Lotion is a lovely light fresh-scented body moisturiser, but unfortunately the pale yellow colour of the cream and the lemony fragrance remind me a bit too much of cleaning product Cif (Jif, in my day) for this to be one of my favourites. 

body lotion smells like kitchen cleaner

From the same brand, Illi, I also got a Green Tea Brightening Mask - I'm getting quite a collection of these and really do need to start using them up! 

korean sheet mask

Last one for this box is the Purederm Botanical Choice Pure Solution Eye Cream, which helps replace lost moisture. I'll admit, I'm terrible to my eyes, especially around this time of year - I get hayfever which makes me rub them like crazy in a not particularly gentle fashion so hopefully this will help me make it up to my poor abused eyes!

For those not yet familiar with the concept of Memebox (I realise I should have put this bit near the top) it's a company providing a range of boxes containing beauty products from South Korea. The boxes are shipped from Korea to a huge range of countries around the world, so they're a really fun and affordable way of testing some fun and cute beauty products from this amazing country so well known for it's innovative beauty industry. They do (roughly monthly) mystery boxes like this one with a surprise bundle of random beauty items, the Memebox Global (I missed out on ordering box 12 before it sold out but 13 and 14 are still available!), as well as boxes full with products along a theme (like the Herbal Cosmetics box or the Free From Oil box). Box prices are usually between $23-$39 depending on which one you go for, but there are frequent promotions and deals to be had on the site. I'll warn you though, they're highly addictive! 

If you wanna see all the cutie bits I've had in previous boxes you can find my other posts here


  1. I wish you'd stop posting these, I don't know how much longer my will power can hold out ;D
    I love the beautiful English on some products, the green tea face mask sounds lovely!

    Jess xo

  2. You are making me so jealous, I need my skin to be ‘Boost, more moist and elastic amazingly’ I NEED IT.

    Hayley - teapartybeauty.com

  3. That CC cream really does have the cutest packaging!!


  4. Totally must get some Korean beauty products at least once before I die *sigh. LOL thanks for the review!

  5. Oh wow! I totally love this box! Will deffo look into trying it out, the packaging on all the products is lovely too and I do love trying new stuff out x

    JustJulie | Beauty Blog

  6. That CC Cream is too cute! We have Too Cool For School here so I'm definitely going to check if it's available already.

  7. those nail paints are so cute

  8. I love that cream with the dinosaur on it. I don't care what it does, I just want the packaging.


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