18 June 2014

Memebox Superbox #15 - Green Tea

Well it's been a few days since I shared one of these little pink magic Memeboxes, so here we go again! This is actually the only 'unblogged' one I currently have in my possession, though I think a couple more dispatch dates are creeping ever nearer! This little beauty is the Green Tea Superbox, and here's what I got in it!

Korean beauty products with green tea ingredient

Verano Green Tea Leaf Moisture Eye Cream ($19) - I've amassed a few eye creams in the Memeboxes so far, and haven't tested any of them out fully but initial reactions to this are highly positive. It's really thick and luxurious, in it's fancy glass jar, and makes me eyes feel instantly brighter - even if they don't look it yet!

Korean eye lotion

Purederm Green Tea Collagen Pulp Mask ($2) - I know I keep saying that I'm going to start using all these masks I've been getting and this time I really mean it, this bad boy is going on tonight! It just looks so healthy and good for you, I don't know if that's just the associations I have with green tea but it's giving me high expectations! 

korean green tea sheet mask

Sidmol Green Tea Seed Oil ($8) - I've never heard of Green Tea Seed Oil, though it makes sense that it's a thing - it's apparantly full of vitamins A, C and E2 to improve the complexion, repair damaged skin and moisturise - sounds lovely. 

korean beauty oil

Medi Flower Green Tea Sleeping Pack ($30) - this is an interesting looking thing, all the other sleeping mask thingies I've come across before have been creamier, so this cool and refreshing gel-like texture is something new to me! You pop this on your face ten minutes or so before bed time and don't wash it off 'til the morning, letting it work it's magic while you sleep! 

Medhi flower sleep gel

Natuzen Hello Kitty Pure Hand Cream ($4) - This was my favourite thing when I opened the box  - how could it not be! It wins just for having Hello Kitty on it, but as well as being completely adorable it's a really nice handcream - not the most deeply moisturising one I've ever tried, but it does the trick., is nice and light, non-greasy, with a lovely fresh and delicate green tea scent. This will just nicely for my summer handbag hand cream!

natuzen pure cream

The box was $39, and the contents have a total value of $63 - though it's not the biggest saving I've seen in the Memeboxes I'm still happy with the cost/value ration here, mainly because I quite like all these products and can see me using them all, which isn't always the case when you don't know what you are expecting! 

There's loads of ace boxes, cute cosmetics and fab bargains to be had on the website so have yourself a good look around and see if anything tickles your fancy! 

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  1. Hello Kitty is so cute! But I think the product I'm most curious about is the green tea seed oil.

  2. That Hello Kitty handcream looks so cute!
    I'd love to try out the eye cream, it sounds really good

    Telina | Love, Telina

  3. Everything seems so cute in this box :)

  4. One day I will pull my finger out and buy one of these, wahhh, so jel.


  5. I've never heard of a sleeping mask before, it looks so nice and cooling
    I'd be tempted to slap it on all day in the recent heat haha



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