2 June 2014

Memebox Make Up Edition

You'll be getting sick of these posts soon I'm sure but I've stated several times that I can't stop buying them (I have more on the way, oops!), and Hayley has demanded I post about everything I get from Memebox so she can work out what she wants to steal from me, so I'm afraid this won't be the last! 

I love the standard Meme global boxes (you can see what I got in my last one here), but they tend to just contain one make up based item out of four or five products so when I saw they had released a special 'make up edition' memebox a while ago, I obviously had to order it! 

Here's what I got in mine:

korean make up in sub box

Cheekroom Make-Up Base (RRP $9) - Mine came in Green (though there's a purple option too), to help minimise any unwanted facial redness. It's waterproof and moisturising, designed to give you a great base  for make up. I just love the cute retro packaging!

vintage package face base

Dr Young Anti Pore Eraser Balm (RRP $38) - Oooh this is a lovely thing! Basically a primer to fill in enlarged pores and fine lines while controlling excess sebum. It's a gorgeous feeling product with a soft, smooth result!

Anti Pore Primer

MustaeV Spot Eraser Concealer Pencil (RRP $18) - I really like the idea of the concealer pencil, but sadly I wasn't crazy about this product. It wasn't soft enough for me to imagine it would be pleasant to use on very sensitive areas (like the spots it suggests it will erase!), and I found it a little tricky to blend too, but I hope I can find a good use for it! 

NSM ReBorn Sorbet Melting Tint Gloss (RRP $21) - Wow, that colour! The blurb on these sounds pretty good, apparently they 'instantly melt into your lips with a soothing and cooling feeling without being too glossy or sticky', though I haven't actually tried it - I know that orange lips are set to be huge this summer but I just don't think its a colour for me so will try to find a new home for this and didn't want to use it before passing it on! 

Orange Lipstick korean

Ladykin Blossom Blusher (RRP $15) - There were five different shades of this pretty blusher popped into boxes at random, and I ended up with number 2, Milky Apricot (the other options being Berry Sherbert, Aurora Blossom, Aurora Sweet and Luna Reddish). It's not the colour I would have chosen for myself (based pretty much on the names alone!) but then I suppose these boxes work best by forcing you to try something that you wouldn't normally go for - there'd be no point in me picking one already very similar to what I own (which is what I tend to do!)

pretty flower apricot blusher

It's not worked out the best box for me, as there's a few products here I'm not likely to use but its still obviously cracking value for money (with a combined value of $101, and an actual cost of $23 plus postage) - it's certainly not enough to put me off buying more! 

This one unfortunately sold out a little while ago, but they have released another make-up only box here - its a 'super' box, meaning its a bit more expensive but will be crammed with more goodies! Or if you fancy more variety, there's plenty to choose from - you can see everything that available on the website here


  1. I love the sound of the Dr Young Pore Eraser! The blusher is super pretty as well :)

    Jess xo

  2. I'm surprised at how many base products there are in there - I would've expected a make up box to contain at least one eye shadow or maybe an eyebrow pencil. I think quite a lot of people have been a bit 'meh' about this box.

  3. The blush is so cute! I love reading makeup box unboxings. :D It feels like I'm also opening it.


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