27 June 2014

Pretty Gradient Nails For Cheaters

Anyone that has seen any of my previous attempts knows that fancy and professional looking nail art is not my thing. I've seen many a blogger do tutorials on the prettiest gradient nails, but all the expert sponge-dabbing seems to be completely beyond me and I've never managed to recreate it in any way that doesn't look a complete mess.
But then I managed these:

ombre nails
Not the most vivid example of colour change, and I'm sure many could still do better with a sponge, but they're pretty good for me - and this is how I did it!

nail polish trio pink korean

With this little cheat set I got in a previous Memebox. I remember at the time being slightly disappointed with my pink set, as other shades were available too, but this colour scheme has really grown on me. Lighter and girlier than I would usually choose, but the finished effect makes me thing of a summer sunset, or a fancy cocktail and both of those are nice things to think of when you look at your nails!
How it works is, you paint your whole nail with number 01. Not a lot going on at this stage colourwise, just a hint of it and plenty of shimmer too.

Then just pop a little way up from your nail bed and paint with 02.. Still at this stage, it doesn't seem to have done much,... but give it a minute!

It's when you add 03 to the last third of your nails that the shift in colour really becomes noticeable, and I think the finished look is ever so pretty! You can make this more complex but adding in different start points, or by layering up to make the colours a bit stronger, but it really is incredibly simple.

Of course, you could probably do this with a few different shades of any polish, but the rather thin consistency of these stops the colour changeover looking really obvious in a way others might not and therein I think lies the beauty of them - it would be really hard to get them wrong!
These are available here from the Memeshop for $14 for the set of three, and they have some lovely shades to choose from - I'm eyeing up Sugar Mint next!


  1. Not going to lie - my nerdy eye gravitated towards the Korean Hangeul writing rather than the nails. Though they do look good!

  2. This looks lovely, the colours remind me of a sunset too which is really nice for Summer!


  3. Ooh these are pretty! Definitely a good cheat for gradient nails :)

    Jess xo


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