17 June 2014

Coming Up Roses

I do mean to do more outfit posts on here, but I for some reason find them one of the hardest things to do - I think it might be the emotional trauma of looking at pictures of myself when I could be looking at pictures of cake,.. but I need an excuse to buy news things and this is it!

The dress is from Ark, I'd had my eye on it a little while after spotting it in the York store so when it popped up in their sale at roughly half the original it quickly found its way into my virtual basket. The pretty rose print and super cute collar make it a firm favourite with me and the fact it's not too short helps as well! Unfortunately I can't see that this is still available on the site but they have loads of other lovely items!

I did find a little rosy hair clip that I thought might work nicely with the dress print, but you cant really see it properly in the pictures and it's just like a pale blob in my hair, but it is a pretty flower I promise you!

I love my new shoes - I saw these on this blog post of Chloe's and had ordered them within no time! They're so pretty - gently pink, bringing a pretty feminine touch to a otherwise gentlemanly style of footwear. The only problem with these is they're quite long, so my feet (already too big for my height!) look massive in them, but I can live with that for shiny pink shoes!

The bag, like many in my collection, is years old and from Claire's Accessories. I swear up until a couple of years ago it looks like I didn't even know you could get bags from other places! It's a bit faded and slightly threadbare in bits these days so it doesn't make it out too often - it's also lost some of it's original embellishment over the years - I definitely remember some ribbony bits at one point, but it's still a handy and faithful fall back!

Alice themed charm bracelet

My lovely Alice in Wonderland Charm Bracelet hasn't been out for a while - it's from Daisy Does and is one of several I bought nearly a couple of years ago now. There's been no new additions from the brand in a while but the creator of these gorgeous bracelets should be back to work properly soon after the birth of her little cutie and so they're definitely worth keeping an eye on!

One of the reasons I thought my Alice bracelet would be such a lovely accessory for the trip is we made a little to this very pretty little church in Croft-On-Tees where Lewis Carroll lived when he was a young 'un. Our main port of call was of course the tea room next door to the church, but this made for a lovely diversion!


  1. you look gorgeous. and love all your accessories too.

  2. I wish I had the confidence to do outfit posts! You look awesome!


  3. Shocking confession time ... I STILL haven't worn mine?!! :o

    Chloe x

  4. Love the curls & the dress as well! :)

  5. I'm the same with outfit posts! I always feel so awkward! I am loving those brogues, and your dress is so pretty :)

  6. Your outfit looks great :) I'm bad at doing outfit posts too! xo's

  7. I would totally steal that bag and the bracelet! the rest of the outfit is really nice as well!! and the location!!!

  8. I love the print of the dress, so pretty! Your hair looks amazing, too :)

    Jess xo

  9. I love that dress! It looks great on you!

  10. Yes yes yes! I love the dress! You look fab in it, you should do more outfit posts =)

    Corinne x

  11. Such a pretty outfit, I love the print of your dress :D



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