25 June 2014

Rosie's Diner - Kirkstall, Leeds

I've been enjoying so many lovely blogger meals out recently that I figured I should go get some good food with that boyfriend of mine. I'd been along to Rosie's diner a couple of months earlier for a bit of a blogger brunch, and had been hoping to get back to see how the evening menu compared, so was very happy when he chose this place from the list of suggestions I'd sent him. 

24 hour food places in leeds

The breakfast I'd had on my previous visit was a bit hit-and-miss, but one element that was all hit was the amazing Butterscotch Milkshake, so I chose the waiting-for-our-table-time (only about 10-15 minutes) to get myself another one of these. The only bad thing about them is that they are so delicious that no matter how hard I try I can't seem to make one last more than a few minutes - so not really a good meal accompaniment, and at £3.95 it works out a pricey couple of minutes worth of drink. This would never stop me getting one each time I visit though! 

cute retro milkshake bottle

And onto the food! I was happy to give the starters a miss to make sure I could definitely get a dessert - you gotta prioritise! - so it was straight to the main courses! Mr KC had his eye on the steaks as soon as he clocked the menu, and settled quickly on a medium-cooked 10oz rib Eye with pepper sauce. The steak (well I had to try a bit!) was delicious, perfectly cooked - tender and juicy and just gorgeous. I'll admit to being a touch jealous I hadn't ordered this myself, though I did steal the leftover peppercorn sauce to dip my chips in - yum! 

american diner in yorkshre

I fancied one of the hot dogs - I think I could smell them when I first walked in and good food smells always sway my choices! Though I do usually have my hot dogs as plain as possible (no sauce, no onions, nothing!), but in a cunning ploy to hide how boring my food choices often are (which I of course ruined by admitting it anyway) I upped my game a bit and went for the Pitbull: a 100% pork oak smoked hot dog with peppers, jalapenos, philly cheese sauce and fried onions. When it arrived, I didn't think it looked that big, but I was less than half way through when I started to struggle, and I shamefully had to remove a lot of the really spicy bits to get it finished! I'm such a wimp - I don't know what I was thinking! It was really good though, just a little spicy for delicate lil me! 

We both opted for 'spicy waffle fries' rather then regular fries instead of the regular kind. These were tasty though not particularly spicy (or maybe that was just in comparison to my chilli-laden hot dog?), but didn't seem to stay as hot as I'd have liked for as long as I'd have liked which is a shame.

spict hot dog with chillies

I made the mistake of ordering a side dish as well, as I really fancied trying the Mack N Jack. 'Mistake' I say not because it was bad by any stretch but just because we had so much food! The Mack N Jack side was huge, and wouldn't have made a bad meal in itself! I think it could have been a great side if two of us were sharing it but as the other half isn't really a pasta eater, it was all on me and it was hard going to eat enough of it as to not leave an embarrassing amount! It started off nice but I was definitely sick of it by the time I gave up! 

Rosies diner side dishes

I did say from the outset that I wanted dessert and despite my fullness I knew I'd be disappointed if I left without having one! I was torn between a couple of different options but two separate waitresses worked at convincing me towards the Peanut Butter Stack. Wow. Just wow. They told me I wouldn't be disappointed and I couldn't be - this was essentially a (tidy) pile of peanut butter, chocolate and caramel, served with ice cream. There's not really any possible way this could have been anything other than amazing. 

Peanut butter stack rosies

The Mr confused everyone by ordering the Birthday Cake Sundae despite it being months away from his birthday but I got very good reports of this. I'd have loved to try it myself but at this stage in the meal anything else might have just killed me! 

I did tell one of my blogger buddies on my way over that after the mixed response I had to the breakfast it'd take something pretty special to make me forget the bad bits but I came away with incredibly positive feelings about this place. The staff were all charming and friendly, full of youthful exuberance and enthusiasm and the food was all really really good. I'd definitely visit again! 

(Total bill for food., desserts and drinks came to £47)


  1. Awwww my poor man gets a bit neglected sometimes too, I fill my diary with blogging things and he just gets to hear about them after :s

    LOVE that you sent your other half a list to choose from, maybe I'll start doing that :p

    The food looks yummy, I quite often favour a good hot dog :p

  2. The dude in the first picture is parked like an idiot.
    Thinks cos he's got a four wheel drive he can park over two parking bays?

  3. From photographs I've seen dog looks like it would go down well in actual Philly too - although you all know how we enjoy our hot dogs here in Michigan! Waffle fries always amuse me, they are so funny, we had some at our favorite BBQ place Slows and they were topped in the yummiest cheese, so good!

  4. This post is like torture... but the best torture ever haha
    Everything looks amazing,I really need to find this place!


  5. I love this place i was expecting it to be bad food tbh but i really enjoyed it. Haha love Kierons comment x

  6. I went back 2 weeks ago and got the chilli hotdog, it was such a better experience than the bloggers brunch, although they did forget the dessert that came with the kids meal and we had a ask a couple times for it!


  7. I went back 2 weeks ago and got the chilli hotdog, it was such a better experience than the bloggers brunch, although they did forget the dessert that came with the kids meal and we had a ask a couple times for it!


  8. I've read some bad reviews about this place, but yours has just made me want to go try it again! That hot dog looks incredible. xx

  9. Oh my lord! This looks amazing! The butterscotch milkshake sounds sickly, but yummy and your food... my mouth is actually watering! My Mr always goes for steak and I generally follow, but your hotdog looks amazing.. I don't know how you fit a desert in too!


  10. That Mac n Jack looks amazing, I get so upset when diners don't sell it because it's like my favourite thing ever! Haha. That dessert looks amazing too, I might have to have a cheeky trip to Leeds! Haha
    Kloe xx

  11. This looks AMAZING! Much better than normal american diners you go to! That dessert is to die for! I need to visit!



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