5 June 2014

The Leeds May Meet

I don't know where to begin in telling you about the exciting blogger extravaganza that was Hayley's amazing Leeds May Meet. But I know I wasn't alone in counting down the days to this fabulous event, nor was I disappointed!

I suppose I should start with the most important bit - the cake! Home made baked goodies were highly encouraged and many attending bloggers rose to the occasion splendidly (with many others bringing shop-bought treats that were also highly appreciated, of course!). I turned up on an empty stomach so I could make sure to take full advantage of the cakey situation and I still didn't manage to get though nearly as much as I'd wanted (though I did take a very full box home so I think I eventually got to try a bit of everything!). Special mention goes to Kellie's amazing Tiffin (the recipe for which you can find here), which I think was the only thing to be eaten in its entirety on the day....

Though the bubblegum-buttercream topped cupcakes that Cohorted brought with them were also amazing! It was really cool of them to come down and talk to us about the company, how they work and what their future plans are (If you don't know Cohorted already it's a pretty awesome way of shopping 'socially' - the more people buy a product, the bigger discount you get on a range of highly sought-after beauty products - I've already made my first order with them!), and it was even cooler of them to bring a seemingly unending supply of cake!

They weren't the only brand representatives to come and see us on the day either - some lovely ladies from the Lush store in Leeds popped on by to give us the chance to make our very own Butterball bath bomb and hear about the plans for their new Spa, which sounds incredible. They very kindly provided each of us with our own little Lush goodie bag filled with products that they use in the spa, so we can have a little taste of the products before we visit - I wasted no time in cracking out the first of my products as soon as I got home, and I'm looking forward to trying the rest very soon!

My favourite dress-making ladies at Uncommon Nonsense popped along too to show off their gorgeous frocks. I fell in love with the Time For Tea dress a little while ago (I mean, it's a dress with tea pots on it, what's not to love!!), but maybe it is time I got it a companion? The Flamingo dress is obviously a show-stopper, but the White Rabbit dress is gorgeous too - and if it's too hard to pick between the two it's virtually impossible to narrow it down from all the amazing items on their webpage.

We also had visits from Eve Taylor and Espa, who had come along to show off some of their gorgeous products (which you will be hearing more about in future posts!), as well as Rock, Pamper, Scissors - who I have charged with the task of finding me a hairdresser who can do more with my curly hair than offer to straighten it! Their service - essentially connecting people with stylists - could be a real lifeline to hairdresser-phobic folk like me!

As well as the amazing treats provided by the brands in attendance we each received very exciting and huge goody bags organised by Hayley herself, so huge thanks to all the brands who donated products for us to try! 

We ended up from everything from beauty products to sweeties, stationary to tea, as well as some awesome discount vouchers that I aim to put to good use! 

I'm sure you'll be seeing plenty of the goody bag items pop up here in the coming weeks (if there's anywhere you'd like me to start then let me know in the comments!), but until I get better acquainted with them all, for now it just leaves me to say a huge thank you to Hayley for organising the day, to Baracoa for providing a lovely venue, to all the brands who came along or sent things and to all the lovely people I got to meet (especially those who brought cake!).

I hear there's rumours of a big Christmas meet up next so hopefully will see some of you there! 


  1. Great pics :) so glad too had a great day - now get planning some Christmas themed baking haha.


  2. One day I won't be so crippled by anxiety and I will make it to a local blogger meet XD

    I couldn't help but notice the Japanese ear cleaners!
    I love the lumpy shape they have, it's really great haha


  3. Oh my word, not disappointed at all! It was so much better than before. Hayley is now my hero for pulling that on.

    I can't wait for my uncommon nonsense dress to come!

    Corinne x

  4. This sounds like an awesome day, I'd love to make my own Lush products! The cake sounds amazing too...

    Jess xo


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