11 June 2014

The York Dungeon

I do love any excuse to a visit to York, so when one presented itself in the form of an offer to check out this seasons new changes at The York Dungeon I was more than happy to take it! I've visited the Dungeon a couple of times over recent years and I've never been less than hugely entertained (and a little bit freaked out!)

Scary day out in york

Perhaps one of the creepiest bits about our visit on this occasion was the entire lack of queue - something I'd never seen there before! (This was the same day we found no queue at Bettys too - definitely something strange going on in York that day!) There seems to be safety in numbers though and the large group you usually find yourself led in with offers some comfort that our lone trek through the darkened entrance didn't, so I was already thoroughly nervous by the time we got in there (where thankfully there was a decent sized group to try to hide in for the rest of the experience!)

adult activities in york

For those not familiar with York Dungeon, you wander round in small groups through various scenes of York's bloody and violent past. Very enthusiastic actors talk you through historic events and local stories in a way that is informative, entertaining and occasionally very scary! They have similar set ups dotted around the country but York is the only one I've visited so far and it's really interesting to see those familiar local legends (including here the very haunted Golden Fleece, the ghostly Lost Roman Legion, Viking Invaders and the last ride of Highwayman Dick Turpin) brought to life with a combination of live acting, props and special effects.

York Dungeon exhibits

Though I'd been before, I do think the place stands up to repeat visits.  Although the set up was more or less the same (apart from the shiny new Tyrannical Tudors section) some of the stories had altered a little, and the actors all bring something a bit different to their 'scenes' so no two visits are ever going to be exactly the same.
The key to having a really good time I think is to be scared, but not be the most scared person in your group (I definitely had a good jump or two but managed to contain tears and screams - not something that could be said for everyone!) then you get to feel superior and brave despite shaking like a leaf and praying for the daylight! Of course if you are the most scared, you can just say it was for everyone else's benefit, so then you are brave and selfless - it's a win-win!
Also, be warned - hiding at the back will not save you from torture. Nor will being brave at the front. The middle's no better.
Unfortunately there's no photography allowed inside the attraction (and I wouldn't want to disobey and end up in the stocks!) so I don't get to share the inner chambers of horror with you but I wouldn't want to give any of the surprises away anyway!

Though that's not to say there aren't any photo opportunities ...

.... Luckily I managed to survive to tell you all about my visit! I heartily recommend a trip the Dungeon, just make sure you take someone brave with you!

* my entrance and photo were provided free of charge


  1. I went to the one in London on a school trip back in the 90s. I was so scared I spent the whole trip hiding in the gift shop refusing to go in. What a wuss eh?! I probably wouldn't be much better now!

  2. How on earth you go through this I will never know. That person crying you mentioned...? Yep - that's me!!!

  3. Gotta love a trip around the dungeons, well worth a visit!

  4. I've always wanted to do this but I'm too scared haha! It does sound like a great experience though xx


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