20 June 2014

World Curry Festival, Bradford

As you may know, I have a great deal of pride in my much maligned home town of Bradford. And I can recognise that it is a city with faults, but there are a few things we do really really well, and one of those is curry. 

The World Curry Festival is an annual event and I always look forward to the sights, sounds and - most importantly - tastes of Bradford's spicy finest. The festival opened today and we thought it'd be worth getting down early to get the lay of the land, and optimise my curry-eating over the next few day! 

Despite a good look around I went back to the first place we went to for my chicken tikka wrap from Zouk. I bravely went for chilli sauce on on mine too and it was absolutely amazing. T'other half got himself a fish tikka naan from the next stall on and he said it was equally delicious. 

As well as amazing food, there's live music, cooking demonstrations and a whole host of other fun stuff happening. I even managed to find a stall selling tea, now there was an unexpected treat! 

The only dessert I managed to find come from an ice cream van parked up in city park, but Mr Whippy with a flake is essentially what summer is all about and is always brilliant. 

It's always nice to have a reminder of just how right we can get things as a city sometimes. City Park, with it's play-friendly mirror pool, is always a joy in the sunshine and the party atmosphere is undeniable. 

The festival is just on this weekend so if you are anywhere in the vicinity you should definitely pop down and get yourself curried up! 

Bradford Curry Festival

Cooking chicken tikka
charcoal chicken

Bradford Curry Festival

bradford curry festival double decker bus bar

curry festival market stall

kuckoos street food



  1. This looks amazing, why aren't I there?! O __ O
    It must be so tempting to eat from every stall (I know I always go crazy at the German Xmas market in Leeds haha)


  2. Oh that would have made my tummy so happy - love me some good curries I do. Those little tea tins look cute too!

  3. Oh Bradford, best at curry indeed! We sell those East End sauces at work if you every want to pick any up =)

    Corinne x

  4. I L-O-V-E curry!!! This looks fun!

  5. Ooh looks lovely! I love a good curry, would love to try different ones :D This looks like a great festival!


  6. Didn't know things like this existed! Looks like it was a fab festival! x

    JustJulie | Beauty Blog

  7. The food looks so yummy :) Seems like a great festival! xo's

    Pink Frenzy

  8. This is something my dad would have loved to have attended - he loves spicy food! The ice cream at the end looks so delicious and pretty :) Great post!

    Frankie x

  9. Oh Bradford! I can't even handle spicy Doritos, never mind the weird and wonderful concoctions of Bradford :)



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