27 July 2014

Sunday Soak - Bubble T Cosmetics

I love tea, and I love baths - it's not all that often I really get to combine both these passions in one good long soak but when the opportunity presents itself, it obviously make me very happy. Well, lucky little me has had this very opportunity this week, in the form of these awesome products from Bubble T Cosmetics

bath stuff with tea

Firstly, isn't that a great name? Obviously inspired by the weird and wonderful drink that is bubble tea, but 'bubbles' definitely has a bath-time ring to it too, evoking deep-filled bubble baths and rich foamy body washes. As well as just regular old tea, which is obviously always amazing. 

The packaging is rather fetching too, fun and bright, with the colours signifying which of the brands three ranges each product belongs to. 

The red, for example, means the shower gel I was sent (£8) belongs to the 'restoring' range, with hibiscus and acai berry tea. It's a glorious scent, fruity and sweet - due in part I'd assume to the wild strawberry base. All the main ingredients here have properties other than their awesome fragrances - hibiscus tea is rich in vitamin C, acia berries help smooth wrinkles, and strawberry helps relieve insomnia! Altogether the add up to a rather lovely shower gel, that has managed to make me feel clean even in this opressively sweaty and gross weather! 

bubble t shower gel

Showers are good, especially in the recent heat, but you know that as far as I;m concerned a good bath takes some beating! I also received a lovely tube of the 'Stimulate' bath bombs. A tube of 7 is £6 and I'm sure one would have done the bath nicely, this morning I felt like I needed a lot of stimulating so threw two in for good measure! 

The fragrance of this one is Lemongrass and Green Tea. I absolutely adore the scent of lemongrass, it's one of my favourite scents - such a fresh and powerful aroma is definitely stimulating! The sharpness of the fragrance is balanced out nicely by the addition or green tea, and the overall effect is wonderful. 

bubble t cosmetics

The third range from Bubble T cosmetics is the 'reviving' range, the basis of which is Moroccan Mint Tea. I've not tried any of the products in this range, but I have drunk my fair share of Moroccan mint tea and know how reviving that can be - so can imagine the shower stuff to be a treat too! 

I can only really respect and appreciate the company's dedication to tea and great products, and highly recommend this lot! You can find the guys on twitter here to say hello to and more out about the brand and all their lush products on their website here

* PR Samples 


  1. Love the sound of these. xx


  2. These both sound lovely, the Lemongrass & Green Tea scent sounds gorgeous :)

    Jess xo

  3. these sound amazing! think will have to try them they look great.


  4. I would have never got the bubble tea reference if you hadn't pointed it out, these sound lovely!

    Danniella x


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