17 July 2014

Blog Yorkshire - Leeds Event

We are a lucky bunch up here really. Sure London gets loads of massive events and press days and stuff, but we don't do too badly either, mainly in thanks to awesome people like Hayley who organised a fab do for us in May, and Faith and Carrieanne who put on last weekends amazing Blog Yorkshire Event.
The idea behind Blog Yorkshire is to have a local hub for all blogger based goings-ons, which I'm all for! Especially if it means we get more ace events! Saturday's was had some fantastic guests, great games and lots of amazing goodies - what more would you want from your Saturday afternoon?

In terms of brand guests, Allertons had come along to play with people hair. I didn't actually get chance to talk to the Allertons ladies on Saturday but fyi it was this lovely lot responsible for the new shorter hair do the observant of you might have spotted me sporting in the last week or so. I did initially mean to do a full run down of the salon, but nerves about having the first proper hair cut in as long as I can remember took over and I dint manage to take any other pictures or retain the most basic of information. I will say this though - I've never felt so confident in anyone's ability to understand and take care of my hair, and I completely recommend them!

I've been loving the Espa products we received at the Leeds May Meet, so it was a pleasure to see them again at this event too. Representatives from Quiz clothing, Wynsors shoes (just saying the name brings back memories of school-shoe shopping when I was a kid!) and Country Attire also popped along to chat about some of their products.
Pastille were also on hand to provide dash manicures for some lucky souls (myself included). If you've not been down to the adorable Pastille beauty bar in granary wharf you definitely should - the place is gorgeous, and everyone I've ever spoken to there is absolutely lovely! I do keep meaning to call in again but I'm useless with time/organisation/planning (as anyone I've ever met will tell you!) and haven't managed it recently - soon though, soon!

I did manage to get my nails done at the event though, as a bit of a put-me-on! There were so many gorgeous shades to choose from and it was hard to pick but I kept going back to this lush yellowy OPI polish that I foolishly forgot to double check the name of (disorganised and useless, as I said above!) but is the colour of egg-yolks and sunshine and was certainly very fetching.

Fun and games were to be had too, and as well as getting to giggle at blindfolded bloggers trying to put cotton wool balls on their heads, we had some 'welly croquet' set up by Country Attire, with a fab prize of a pair of Hunter Wellies up for grabs! As well as this, Faith and Carrieanne organised a charity raffle with some completely amazing prizes, including another pair of Hunter wellies, a couple of Zatchels bags, and loads of make up and beauty prizes. I was lucky enough to snag a great Murad starter kit, so I was very happy!

And speaking of goodies to be had, this is what I went home laden down with!
Wynsors had provided each of us with a little festival-essentials goody bag to match the theme of the event, complete with a nail buffing tool, nail art sparkles, gel cushions for your feet and, most importantly, sugary treats!
There was also a mini-goody bag for everyone from House of Fraser with a few high end bits and pieces in for everyone!

The Country Attire gift bags also featured a couple of festival-friendly items, including this ace fold up picnic blanket I'm bound to get loads of use out of over the summer - I love a good picnic! The floral bracelet is adorable too!

I'm really looking forward to trying out these gorgeous products provided by Espa - the exfoliating body polish was demonstrated on Simone while I was stood next to her and smells incredible!

And then the main event goody bag (along with my raffle prize!) contained all kids of bits and pieces for hair, face and body. We were well and truly treated!

Big big thanks again go to the ladies behind Blog Yorkshire for organising such a top-notch shindig, all the brilliant brands for being involved and all the ace bloggers I got to meet! Looking forward to the next one!

(Because I'm completely useless (that does seem to be a bit of a running theme to this post!) I didn't take any pictures at all at the event - all the ones from the day are shown here with much gracious thanks to Faith and Plus One Magazine's Pete. All the ones taken in my messy garden are mine and serve as a much needed reminder to do some weeding)


  1. Sounds like you had a really good time! I wouldn't mind getting pampered either hehe!

  2. aww look at my cheesy little grin on the first photos. haha say cheesssseeeee. its true though other than London the "north" it growing so quick.

  3. This looks like such fun!! I love your nail colour, too :D

    Jess xo

  4. What a fab post! Thanks honey.
    I had an amazing time, but also it was a laugh organising it with Carrieanne! We're definitely going to be doing many more.

    so glad you got the Murad kit! I've been trying their energising moisturiser, it's lovely. Smells like pomegranate too!(yum!).

    I haven't written my post yet, super busy redecorating rooms in the house (eeee!!) But this has prompted me to get on it asap! Xx

  5. Awww what a lovely post! You got some great photos :) always nice to be reunited with the gang!

    Danniella x


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