9 July 2014

Bundobust, Leeds

This week sees the opening of Bundobust, a food-and-drink collaboration between two of Bradford's most well loves companies. 'Tis always nice to see the local lads do well, and it's plain to see why this lot have had the success they have so far.

Vegetarain indian food good beer

The 'drink' side of things is taken care of the craft beer experts of The Sparrow. Everything I know about beer I learnt here. Admittedly, I know very little - but that's because I don't really need to when I can leave any alcohol related decisions in they're much more capable hands.

The drinks range has been put together to compliment the Indian street food style menu provided by Prashad. Despite hearing a wealth of positive things about Prashad over the years (including high praise from Gordon Ramsey), to my shame I've never actually visited for a meal despite intending to for years!

best indian vegetarain food

Two of their delicious dishes were available on the preview night: The Bhel Puri was an amazing concoction of puffed rice, tamarind chutney, tumeric noodles, onion, tomato and samosa pastry - it was hot and sweet and spicy and tangy and crunchy and not like anything I've had before, and it was completely beautiful. The 'Spice & Rice', mung beans, garam massala, and basmati rice was good solid warming comfort good at its finest. Delicious, the pair of them. 

I'll admit, at the risk of sounding naïve or foolish, I had no idea vegetarian food could be this good. My previous years as a vegetarian saw me on a diet of toast and tomato pasta, and had no idea there could be this much flavour - I assumed I'd come along and politely eat my rice and secretly wish to myself that is had chicken in it, but I couldn't have been more wrong. The food at Bundobust for me was truly revelatory.

Though the food and the drink are obviously the main reasons to visit Bundobust, there's a lot to be said for the cool, understated space the guys have created here. Exposed walls, chipboard benches and the rather nifty door-wall, give the place a unique laid-back vibe. The long table evoke a real 'beer hall' atmosphere, practically forcing you to be sociable with your drinking neighbours on a busy day.

Though I was always going to be biased in the favour of these local chaps, I'm really impressed by what they've put together here. I'm by no means a Leeds expert, only coming in when promised the company of my favourite Leeds ladies, but I can completely see Bundobust adding something new and fresh into the city. Who would have guessed that what Leeds really needed was a little bit of Bradford!?


  1. This place looks amazing! I do love good vegetarian food!



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