3 July 2014

Outfit - pretty dresses and bunny shoes

Oh outfit posts, you do cause me a predicament. I hate having my picture taken, but I love pretty dresses, and this one is a beaut!

After coming across Tiger Milly on twitter a few weeks back, I quickly fell in love with pretty much everything on their site. And while I sadly couldn't buy everything on the site, I managed to narrow it down to a couple of very special items, this glorious Hell Bunny dress being one of them.

I've loved Hell Bunny for many a year, and owed many a skull-printed black frock of theirs in my younger, punkier days, but the grown-up me fell hook, line and sinker for this perfectly pretty vintage style tea dress.

40's style dress

I though it was the perfect thing to take with me on a recent weekend away and I did feel very glamorous in it. There was just one slight problem, that didn't become massively clear to me 'til I got was looking through the pictures (hence there being not many of them) - the dress features some very pretty gathering around the bust area, which I only just fit into. So the fit itself wasn't a problem, but the lack of space between my bra and the dress, coupled with the light fabric, meant my bra was entirely visible. And of course, since I was away, I didn't have a more workable alternative with me, so just had to run with it - oops!

Below you can see the pretty pearly buttons on the lovely collar detail. And also my bra. And this was after I'd got home and changed it for a much less visible one,... I have since been 'appropriate bra' shopping so am free to wear the dress in public as much as I like (provided I plan ahead!)

Anyway, enough about my boobs! The other thing I got from Tiger Milly (on the understanding I needed it, to go with the dress) was this rather fetching handbag. It's received many a compliment while I've been out and about with it, and I can see why! My little lady said it looks like a 'jungle bag', and I thought at first she was referring to the exotic flowers and butterflies print, but it was the bamboo handle that had inspired her comment. 

And shoes of course! I might have got a bit matchy-matchy with the colours in the outfit overall but I'd almost forgotten I had these bunny-print Irregular Choice shoes 'til I was trying to work out what to wear with the dress - and once I thought of these, how could I not wear them?

Both the dress and the bag from Tiger Milly are discounted at the minute on the website, where they have about a gazillion other things I want too (in fact, I've just seen that they have the very same dress in a bunch of brand new colours, and I want them all!)  And they have free delivery too, I love free delivery! 


  1. Love it. So you. Looks awesome on you.

  2. Lovely outfit! The dress is pretty and I love the bag! :)

  3. STOP IT. I now want this dress and bag and shoes and I've opened the link but... should I look? I really can't afford any more dresses, nor do I have room. How tiny do your feet look?

    Corinne x

  4. Awww - you look lovely. Gimme that dress!! xx

  5. I ADORE that dress, you look STUNNING in it!!!!

    Sally x

  6. You look lovely Kel! That dress really suits you. xx

  7. Those shoes...ohh the shoes! they are adorable!


  8. oh I looove this outfit!!!! :D the color, the prints, the cuts, everything!!!!! Hell Bunny do amazing stuff!!!
    you're gorgeous girl!!
    Alice|Alice's Beauty Madness

  9. OMG I love this outift! You look beautiful! xx JustJulie | Beauty Blog

  10. I LOVE THIS DRESS. Oh, and you look amazing. That is all!
    Except, your shoes, love them.

    Jess xo

  11. Everything you are wearing here is gorgeous! Them shoes oh my! Aqua is very you x


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