29 July 2014

Jeanette's Cakery - Saltaire

Those who didn't hear me panicking about an updated Yorkshire Tea Trail List on twitter the other day may not have heard (or more likely, don't really care) that I've given up on my attempt to visit all the suggested spots. A bit more on the reasons for me throwing in the towel can be found here, but it'll be nice to be able to concentrate on just going for nice tea in places I really like the look of. And the first place that occurred to me was the lovely Jeanette's Cakery in Saltaire

Cute vintage tea room yorkshire

It wasn't my first visit to the adorable vintage tea room, I'd popped over earlier in the year with a couple of right lovely bloggers but while Hayley wrote about her experience here, and Faith here - I never actually put together a post last time! (Too many tea rooms, not enough time!)

jeanettes cakery

I can imagine the long-suffering fella of mine is more than happy to see the back of my tea room ambitions, but had no problem at all in accompanying me up here, especially since it's just up the road and serves 'proper food' (he had a cheese and ham toastie). He was also a big fan of the vintage Coca-Cola merchandise spotted around the cafe in amongst the other cute nick-nacks. 

saltaire cafe

I ordered myself the afternoon tea - finger sandwiches, jam and cream scone and one of the Jeanettes Cakery signature cupcakes. This, along with a pot of really good loose leaf afternoon tea, came to a very modest price (of approximately £8 but can't remember exactly!) and was served on this beautiful cake stand.

afternoon tea jeanettes cakery

Sandwich wise, I got to pick two fillings from the standard sandwich menu. I'm always happy to avoid smoked salmon on an Afternoon Tea, so opted instead for the Roast Ham & Mustard Mayonnaise, and Cucumber and Cream Cheese. Both were delicious, but the cucumber/cream cheese combo being especially suited to the hot weather - it's a sandwich filling I really should consider more at home! 

little afternoon tea sandwiches saltaire

Though I've got nothing against fruit scones really, I'm always happy to see a plain one. There's something about those fat sultanas hat stick out of the scone that I find really unappealing! This was beautiful - the dusting of icing sugar adding to the sweetness of the jam and the light, freshly whipped cream finishing the whole lot off nicely! 

scones at jeanettes cakery saltaire

The cupcake was what I was most excited about though! I just missed out on the Raspberry Ripple one on my previous visit - they'd just sold the last one - so it was my first choice this time round (though not an easy one!). Squidgy sponge and a tonne of butter cream, topped off with just a splash of raspberry sauce made this a sure fire hit with me, and the other two cupcakes I bought to take home with me proved equally as delicious! 

jeanettes cakery cute cupcakes

Thoroughly caked out by this point, there was no hope of me on this occasion trying one of the fabulous sounding ice cream sundaes now being offered at the cafe - but I definitely aim to make another visit for one!


  1. This place looks so so lovely :) and such good value! I also love that they let you choose the fillings - I took my mam for afternoon tea for mother's day this year and she's a lil bit fussy so when the sammiches came we had to send some back and ask them to make new ones with no mayo, and no cheese cos they'd put it on all of them! I would deffo go here if i was closer x
    amber love

  2. mmm where's Saltaire? Cos this looks good! Will have to have a little look at google maps. Fingers crossed it's my side of Yorkshire :D

    I'm quite sad to see the tea trail go :(

    Chloe x

  3. You posts always make me so hungry, I will be sad to see the end of the Tea Trail but you goota do what makes you happiest! :D


  4. It's a shame that you had problems with the Tea Trail but I do thinkit's better to be able to go to the places that you want to, if it was becoming a hassle.

  5. Now I really want some tea and cake, Thank you XD
    Such a great post and everything thing looks delightfully delicious!


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