24 July 2014

Korres Gift Sets

Korres are a brand I entirely associate with the summer. I don't know if it's their gorgeous fresh scents or the brands undeniable relationship with their home of sunny Greece, but I know that when the sun comes out, so do the Korres products! 

Holiday in Greece beauty

I have one more day of work left before I break up for some time in the sun, and I have some awesome Korres giftsets to help me get in the mood (not that a good week off work is hard to get in the mood for!)

It's hard to know where to start but I suppose if you are new to a brand you want to start with their flagship products, the most recognised and loved of all that they do - so here is the Best of Korres Gift Set.

travel size beauty

The first product is the White Tea Cleansing Gel. Now, obviously I'm biased towards any products that use tea as an ingredient anyway, but this is a really lovely cleanser. It's thorough but gentle, doesn't product needless skin-drying foam and doesn't leave my poor face with that horrible tight feeling. In short, this is pretty grand! The Wild Rose Moisturising and Brightening Cream is a product I'm a little more familiar with, having used it before. I adore the Wild Rose range, and my skin has never looked better than when most of my skincare routine involved these products. I'd never used the Wild Rose Instant Brightening Mask previously though, and I'm sure it'd make a great addition to the collection. the two final products making up the set are the Basil Lemon Shower Gel and Guava Body Butter

The other set I have is the Holiday In Greece collection - mmmm how nice does that sound about now? This one contains a bottle of the Aloe and Dittany Shampoo - as this is a shampoo for 'normal' hair and my hair isn't what I'd describe as 'normal', I wasn't entirely sure how I'd get on with it. In actuality - not too badly. It's got a pleasant light scent, and cleaned my hair well. I don't think it'll become a favourite simply because it's not really designed for my hair type but as a little travel sized bottle it'd be the perfect kind of thing for say, a holiday in Greece. Also in the set came the Basil Lemon Shower Gel and Body Milk, and the Guava Shower Gel and Body Butter. The Korres shower gels are firm favourites of mine, but its the body milks/butters that really stand out to me. Thick and creamy (though this seems to apply to the milk and butter both as I don't really sense a huge distinction between the two), and really moisturising. Even my dad, who hates anything scented or perfumed, liked the smell of these - and I think it's because the Korres products actually smell like the things they are supposed to smell like, rather than artificial versions of those thing, if you know what I mean. The Lemon body milk doesn't smell of lemon sweets or of lemonade. . . it smells of real lemons. 

Both the little sets are handsomely presented in these gorgeous little brown gift boxes, with the corresponding sleeve carrying not only an evocative related image, but all the ingredient information for the products included. All the products are dermatologically tested, paraben free, mineral oil free, silicone free, propylene glycol free and ethanolamine free. 

These would either make a great gift, an easy travel packing option or just a really great introduction to a fabulous brand!

* PR samples


  1. These sets are perfect for Summer Holidays. I can't resist mini products & I adore Korres Skincare. I haven't tried a products from this brand that I didn't like.

  2. Ooh lovely gift sets - love the sound of that white tea cleanser and the basil lemon shower gel would be right up my alley.

    Enjoy your week off work!! x

  3. Oh my.... these sound fab! I'm after some new skincare too so I might have to have a splurge and give these a go. The packaging is lovely too. x

  4. ahhh I love minatures! How sweet. Very summery and the packaging is lovely and classic too.

    Hope you have a lovely week off :)

    S xo.


  5. These both sound like gorgeous sets! I love the sound of the White Tea Cleanser :)
    I really want to try Korres shower gels but as I recall they contain SLS :(

    Jess xo

  6. Lovely sets and perfect to try out their products, if you are new to the brand :) Great post! xo's

    Pink Frenzy

  7. What a nice set! Haven't heard of that brand until today. Glad you shared it! ^o^

  8. wow such amazing gift sets

  9. I think I have heard of the white tea cleanser before, I heard it was really good then too! I have a Korres lip butter thing somewhere but I've only used it once.. I should dig it out.

    Danniella x

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