31 July 2014

L.vida Sweet Dream Korean Nail Polish

Oh pretty nail polish! These pictures are actually from a few weeks ago and this post has been sat in my 'drafts' for a little while waiting for me to finish it, and I'd almost forgotten how much I liked this polish! 

Sweet Drem L.vida swatches

You may not be over familiar with L.vida - they're a Korean brand and this polish, Sweet Dream, came as part of a rather extensive polish order when they were all half price for a limited time on the Memebox site

Most of the polishes I ordered with plain ones in an array of colours - but a couple of fancy/glittery ones made it into the mix and I just loved the pretty pale purple colour and mad splotchy glitter of Sweet Dream. 

korean nail polish

The polish itself isn't the thickest, so a few coats were needed to make sure the colour was totally opaque - but this also gave a little more allowance to get all the confetti bits spread about evenly. The bits (I don't want to say 'glitter' as it's not really shiny!) come in a variety of sizes and in a range of contrasting colours - from teeny white specks to the great big pink hearts -  the result being a pretty random and unique finish that I'm just crazy about! 

l.vida fun polish

Oh I forgot one of my favourite things! I must have taken it off this one before photographing but each of the bottles comes with a little flower attached on elastic around the handle bit - very pretty! (Or possibly a bit tacky depending on how you look at it, but I'm easily pleased by things - plus if you don't like them you can just pull it off as above!) 

There's a great range of gorgeous colours and full price these come in at $6 each for the plain ones and $7 for the fancier ones, which is not a bad price at all - BUT it's even better then there is an offer on like currently where the polishes are all $3-$4 each - bargain! 

I can't say how long the offer will be on, these things disappear quite quickly, so if there's any interest I'd pop over ASAP and have a look! All the discounted bits and pieces can be found on the Special Offers section of the site! 


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