23 July 2014

GBBO - The Right Tools for The Job

It's just two weeks 'til the return of The Great British Bake Off and I imagine the nation will be abuzz with new-found enthusiasm for baking. 

Though if you get caught up in the excitement and want to get busy in the kitchen, it's really important to have the right tools for the job - and my new Mason Cash baking equipment from drinkstuff.com has definitely helped me get in the mood to get my bake on! 

cute strawberry mixing bowl

I remember doing a lot of baking with my grandma when she was little, usually ginger cake! And she had this great big beige Mason Cash mixing bowl - it weighed a tonne and you couldn't pick it up to stir the contents! That bowl was always so closely associated in my head with the act of baking that I'm very excited to have my own! 

nice baking stuff mason cash

This one though has a bit of a cute modern twist, with its gorgeous red colour and adorable strawberry design. I totally love it, I not only feel like a 'proper' baker but it looks fantastic in my kitchen! I've put it to the test a couple of times in my kitchen now, but it'll get its first 'proper' run out when it comes to Christmas Cake making time as it's usually far and away the biggest mixture on my baking calender.

The measuring cups, also Mason Cash, have a very different story. Instead of being inspired by warm fuzzy memories of baking, these were desired more out of frustration. I can't be the only one that's thought of something I fancy making and headed to the internet for a recipe only to be bamboozled by an American recipe asking for half a cup of sugar! The cups in my cupboard range between the kids mini came-with-a-toddler-breakfast-set cups, to great big pint pots (for when you really need a lot of coffee!) - which cup do I use? 

It would be one thing if all the ingredients on a given recipe were measure in cups, because then at least everything would be ok ratio wise, but it's rarely the case! Usually at the very least there's eggs to consider... 

mason cash cup measures

I took these on a test run recently and I figured since American recipes were now open to me, I'd hit up that oh-so American name in baked goods, Martha Stewart, for her chocolate peanut butter brownie recipe. 

I thought I was going really well 'til the recipe threw me off a bit by asking for a stick of butter. A stick. What? Why can't you just weigh things?! But I figured it out in the end! 

I was going to include those baking exploits within this post but since I've already rambled plenty I'll do it in a separate one shortly - complete with 'proper' measurements for those not lucky enough to have one of these nifty little sets! 

I can imagine that once I got used to the cups a bit more, they would actually be easier than standard weighing. Of course, I'd never make the switch full time (moral objections!) but for recipes I find that are written in cups these will be so handy and I'm very glad to have them! 

drinkstuff also carry a huuuuge range of other baking equipment that's as handsome as it is practical, so you should check out their stock here and get yourself all kitted out for the Bake Off! 


  1. Oh I love that mixing bowl that's gorgeous! I find baking so much easier using cups - although it does mean that without having scales I can't use my Mary Berry cookbook that I moved to the US with - really do need to get around to getting some kitchen scales that's for sure. And yeah, all the butter to bake with comes in little sticks (four sticks to a packet) with 1 stick = 8 tablespoons, or something. Kinda handy to cut off the amount you need that's for sure.

  2. Aw wow love the new mixing bowl :) the measuring cups are a good idea.


  3. The mixing bowl is gorgeous!
    I hate American measurements as well, why not just WEIGH things like normal people do!? A stick of butter - nonsense! Ha.

    Jess xo

  4. I am loving those cup measurements! They are so cute :)



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