13 July 2014

Memebox Colourbox - Blue

A little while ago on the Memebox website (my Korean beauty box obsession) I spotted a a mini-range of 'colourboxes', offering a mini range of make up in specific colours - a box each for red, orange and blue. At $15 dollars a box these offered quite the temptation, and while I was trying to decide between the red and blue boxes, I noticed a 3-for-2 deal where I could get one of each for $30. I don't need to tell you what I did, do I?

This (as you can probably tell) is what came in the blue colourbox

blue make up

Ruahin Magic Lipstick Blue ($30) - Ooh this is quite the intimidating colour! The bullet is a gorgeous shade and very striking, but a colour I'm unlikely to wear often. Thankfully, for me, this is a very different shade than the one that actually appears on you lips after applying this, the final result being a much more wearable purple. I do imagine some would find it a shame to not keep the bright blue colour though! You can see the 'on' shade at the bottom of this post - I do like it, but I definitely don't $30 like it so I'm glad it popped up in a much cheaper box. 

weird korean make up

Dearberry Today Nail Laquer in Hawaiian Blue ($3) - there were two colour options for the nail polish, this one or the darker 'twilight' shade. I'd have been happy with either, blue is one of my favourite nail colours, so the bright and sunny Hawaiian blue suits me nicely! This applied nicely, didn't chip excessively and seemed like great value for the suggested retail value of $3. I'd definitely buy more of these if they were more readily available over here! 

L'Ocean Eye Shadow in Dark Blue Pearl ($10) - I think the most confusing thing about this product is the suggestion that it's a 'dark' blue when its actually a light and bright sea blue. I don'r really wear a lot of eyeshadow at all, especially not bright colours like this one, but its a really pretty colour and application seems good so a bit of a winner! 

Tosowoong Gel Pencil Liner Aqua Deep Blue ($10) - The last product in the box might just be my favourite, and certainly likely to be the one I reach for most often. As I said, I'm not really an eye-shadow wearer so do like to implement the odd coloured eyeliner to brighten up my face! 

tosowoong gel liner blue

Below we have swatches of the lipstick (not so blue!), eyeliner and eyeshadow...

And then what they look like on my face...

At $15 dollars for the box (and really more like $10 since I got it on the multi-buy deal) I feel like I've done very well out of this.

Most of the Memeboxes seem to sell out well before they turn up anywhere, so sadly this box and its other coloured counterparts are no longer available but there's plenty more to choose from over at the website. Though if you keep your eyes peeled here, I'll be putting up a giveaway soon for my 'free' Orange box so it's a good opportunity to try one out! 

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  1. I'm loving that lipstick, looks like a really nice purple! I'm gutted I missed out on these colour boxes, I'd have gone for the red one :)

  2. The lipstick actually really suits you! I love the look of the liner, too :)

    Jess xo

  3. the lipstick!! I'm obsessed!!! you got a great deal!!
    Alice|Alice's Beauty Madness

  4. I think the blue is the nicest out of the colourboxes, that lipstick is great.


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