14 July 2014

Memebox Colourbox - Red

So I know I've just posted about my blue Memebox colour box, but since all three of the colour boxes turned up in one go I half considered one long post for all of them - aren't you glad I didn't do that! 

Anyhoo, the red colourbox is a beauty box from Korea containing cosmetic items based around - you guessed it - the colour red. The box on it's own cost $15 + postage, and this is what I got in it: 

korean red make up

Dearberry Flity Lipstick - Red Parade ($12) - A good red lipstck is one of my favourite things, and this is a good red lipstick! It's nice ingredient list - olive oil, cocoa butter, cupuacu seed butter - helps to explain why it's got such a smooth buttery consistency, and the colour is right up my street. I don't love the tacky pink packaging but can completely get over that for such a nice product!

korean lipstick

Dearberry Today Nail Laquer in Pink Sprinkling ($3) -  I already mentioned I was pretty impressed with ths brand after trying the blue one in the other box. I take full responsbility for the messy applicaton you can seen on the picture, as these apply like a dream (if you've got a steady hand!) leaving a thick creamy two-coat finish. 

L'Ocean Eye Shadow Red ($10) - I can't see me ever wearing a bright red eyeshadow. However, on mentioning this point to Hayley at Tea Party Beauty after showing her a picture of the contents of my box, she said 'I thought that was a blusher'. Oh she is a clever girl! I did try this as an eyeshadow and looked like a vampire, but with a very very light touch this does indeed double up nicely as a blusher! I'm really glad to have a use for it, so cheers Hayley! 

eyeshadow as blusher

Tosowoong Gel Pencl Liner in Sexy Vampire Burgandy ($10) - this wins points just on the shade name! It's actually a really nice shade, not too red, a rich red-toned brown. Like it's blue counterpart, it gives a really smooth application and long lasting results! 

Cheek Room Two Colour Lip Gloss in Red ($12) - An extra product when compared to the blue box, but the retail value of the lipstick in this box s lower so I guess that's how they balanced that out. In theory you should be able to get two different colours out of this product, but choosing to mainly apply from the top half with the brighter gloss, or by using both together. I can't imagine me making the most of this, but it's a nice idea and a decent moisturising gloss.

Here we have swatches for the lipstick, eyeliner, eye shadow and lip gloss.... 

And me playing with my red box, red vampire eyeshadow and all (though I thankfully don't look too murderous!) 

 If you'd read the previous box post you'll no doubt have spotted that this one contains more or less the same products in different shades. I'll give future post spoilers here by confirming that yes, the orange box is more of the same, but with one very important difference - I won't be keeping that one! So if you fancy winning it for yourself watch this space for details!

The colour boxes are all sadly sold out but there's always plenty to see and get excited over at the Memebox Website!

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  1. Ooh I like the eyeliner! The lipstick is great too, you can't go wrong with a red lippie

  2. The lippie looks lovely on you! I think I'd definitely be going for that eyeshadow as blusher, too... Does red eyeshadow look good on anyone!?

    Jess xo

  3. Hi Kelly! I wanted to tell you that I nominated you for The Sunflower Award because you are always supporting me on my blog :D

    Have a great day! J x

  4. Wow the lip colour is really vibrant, I wasn't expecting it to be so bold, love how it looks x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  5. I like the color of this box :) You got some lovely products! xo's

    Pink Frenzy

  6. Red looks great on you! That burgundy liner is gorg! Obessed with that color specially cause it looks good with my hair tone!
    Dee Trillo


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