2 July 2014

Memebox Hair and Body 2

My latest delivery for the ever-loved (by me at least) Memebox was the rather smashing Hair and Body 2 box.
korean skin and hair products If you are not already in the know about Memebox the ins and outs of it are explained briefly at the in this previous post, but it's essentially a beauty box service from Korea selling a variety of different boxes full of cute and awesome Korean beauty products.
These boxes are often loosely themed, like this one which is, unsurprisingly, full of products for your hair and body. Such as:

Kocostar Foot Therapy ($9) - From what I can figure, it's a pair of plastic socks filled with gel. Pop your feet in and let them soak before washing off, and the dead skin will all start to peel off your feet in a few days. If sounds really interesting, if a tad gross - the only thing is it says to leave it of for an hour and a half, and I don't know when I'll find that long to sit and soak!

korean slimming gel
Label Young Shocking Holjjuki ($21) - A slimming cream, apparently, with green tea extracts and algae extracts. I'm always sceptical of such promises but at the very least it's a nice smelling, non-greasy body lotion so no complaints!

Hello Everybody Spa Vita Berry Shampoo and Treatment (30ml, full size 220ml $38) - Ooh these smell amazing! I'm often a bit wary of using unfamiliar shampoo and conditioners (which I'm assuming is what the 'treatment' is) on my very fussy hair but these smell so cracking I'll have to give them a go!

moisturise nails

The Vidanail L.vda Lavender Oil ($10) is the product I've used most over the last few days - in fact I nearly bought this separately before the box arrived (the contents are a surprise!), so I'm glad I held off! My nails are the worst, dry and damaged and just really bad (which is one reason you'll rarely see them without polish!) so anything that can help them out is right up my street. I don't know if it's just me being optimistic but a few days of drowning my nails in this and avoiding polish already seems to have them looking healthier! Does leave your fingertips a bit oily, obviously, as you've just covered them in oil, but 'tis a small price to pay for being nice to my nails! Also, how pretty?!

Evas Cosmetics Body Net 7Days Project Shower Gel ($6) - I LOVE the idea of days of the week shower gel (regardless of the fact it seems to take forever to get through one bottle nevermind seven), and I ended up with Sunday's Iris scented wash. It's a good cleaning foamy shower gel, though the scent isn't my favourite, I'd have preferred one of the weekdays I think: "Tuesday is passion day with red rose shower. Wednesday is ocean shower for moisturising. Thursday is refreshing day with forest shower. Friday is lux-day with gold honey". I'd never miss a shower!

Boutique Bebe Hair Salon Argan Oil Essence ($31) - I have the same damaged and dry issues with my hair as I do with my nails, but my hair is bigger and more obvious, so love anything that can help! At this stage nothing will short of a really good trim will make a massive difference but this seems like it could be a real winner for helping keep issues at bay! Also, extra points for using the expression 'dry, crumbly hair' on the contents card. I'd never heard 'crumbly' as a description for hair before but somehow it seems to suit mine perfectly!
Unfortunately this box has sold out, but there is a Hair and Body #3 Box available! You have to act quick though if you want to get your hands on it, these things vanish quickly! If that's not your cup of tea, there's more different box options that I can begin to mention here so I reckon you should go have a look-see on the site and see if any tickle your fancy!
*Box provided free of charge
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  1. I didn't realize the nail oil had little bits of flowers floating in it - how pretty!

  2. Ooh all of those products look like so much fun to try.

  3. I am always in need of some fun goodies! this looks like a fun box to receive!


  4. That is a nice box. I just started getting Memebox. I am loving them so much. It is an addiction!
    I Am THE Makeup Junkie

  5. The lavender oil is gorgeous, so pretty!
    I can't imagine crumbly hair somehow..?!

    Jess xo

  6. My nails are getting damaged and cracked lately. I think it's a mixture of harsh nail polishes and lack of vitamins. :( Anyway, I think that lavender oil is exactly what I need and for $10 I am willing to try it out! Plus it's just too pretty!


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