7 July 2014

Memebox Scentbox #1 Rose

Rose is one of those scents that isn't for everyone, I can completely see that. It's very girly, overly flowery and with grandmotherly connotations. But for some reason I love it!
So if you combine one of my favourite scents with one of my favourite beauty suppliers to get a little box full of rosy items, I was obviously going to be a happy bunny! The Memebox Rose scentbox was only $15 too, one of the cheapest boxes they've released, so I knew I couldn't go to far wrong!
Here's what came in the box:

rose scented beauty products

Evas Rosemine Plumpy Tint in Roseberry ($11) - a gel type tint for lips and cheeks. I didn't find this overly moisturising, as the info sheet says it should be, but it's definitely pretty enough to forgive that! Though it looks quite dark out of the tube it adds a lovely flush of colour to the lips and gives your cheeks a nice rosy glow, you only need the tiniest amount too! But it needs applying quickly before it stains!

rosy lip products

Evas Rosemine Floral Remedy Foam Cleanser ($22) - The same brand as the tint means the same beautiful, Cath Kidson-esque packaging for this lovely smelling rose-infused cleanser. This contains a blend of eight different floral waters and real Bulgarian flower petals to soothe dry and damaged skin, while providing a deep cleanse.

rose mine floral remedy cleanser

Happy Bath Rose Essence Body Wash ($11) - This body wash contains rose oil to create a protective barrier over your skin to lock in moisture after a hot shower. I do have slightly dry skin so if this works out I'll be very happy, especially considering the scent - this smell just reminds me so much of the rose bushes we had at the bottom of my garden when I was little!
rose bubble bath

Hope Girl Magic Skin Primer - I was at first wondering why these primer sachets were in the Rose Scentbox but turns out the product is rose scented! I wasn't sure I'd really be into putting scented products on my face but the fragrance is very subtle, and you hardly notice it once applied. I haven't tried make up on top of the primer yet so not sure how it settles but I do like the smoothing effect of the primer on it's own.

rose primer
So for my $15 I'm very happy with my Rose Scentbox - I'll use everything in it and I definitely feel like I've got my moneys worth. Unfortunately Memebox don't have any of these mini-boxes available at the minute, but there's plenty full-sized themed boxes to choose from!
And if you want to try out a Memebox for free, there's a couple currently up for grabs in my giveaway here!


  1. This looks great. I love anything rose scented and these products really remind me of Cath Kidston. x

  2. This is a great little box, I really like the themed boxes they do! I keep meaning to try Memebox, I'm definitely going to have to have a look at your giveaway ;)

  3. The primer sounds intriguing, I'd love to hear how you get on with that! The cleanser sounds really lovely too :)

    Jess xo

  4. Everything looks so pretty and pink :)

    Pink Frenzyt

  5. Ohh this box sounds perfect for me! I love rose scented goodies!



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