26 July 2014

Memebox Superbox #31 - Herbal Cosmetics

I get all my post delivered to work and I can see the postman coming well before he gets to me through the window in my office - it's always exciting when I see him carrying one of the bright pink boxes that can only mean one thing - Memebox Day! The most recently delivered of my extensive back-order was the Memebox Superbox #31 - Herbal Cosmetics

herbal ingredients in korean beauty products

I'm sure most of you who read this blog regularly know all about my Memebox obsession, but just case anyone is new here (hi!) or stumbled upon this spot by accident, here's a quick overview borrowed form a previous post:

 A very special and awesome beauty box company, Memebox are based in Korea, the home of the worlds most exciting beauty developments, but ship these fabulous beauty delights around the world providing a fantastic opportunity for us to try out some of the most cutting edge innovations and cutest design ideas available. Rather than a monthly subscription box, Memebox regularly release new boxes along specific beauty themes (ones currently available include things like Tea Cosmetics,  Vitamin Care, and The OMG Special Box - full of the weirdest and wackiest products the nation has to offer, for example). Though there is also a monthly 'Global Box', unthemed and filled with a variety of products, too. Boxes are priced between $15 and $39 (that's US dollars, so actual cost will depend on current exchange rate!) depending on size and value, and standard shipping costs around $7, though there are often deals and discounts to be had! Also, most if not all the products are full sized, no teeny samples here!

Now lets see what came in this one! 

best ever cleanser for removing make up

Calmia Herb Cleansing Oil Gel ($18) - I've only used this once so far, so this far from a thorough review, but I do like a good oil cleanser. This one contains lavender, rosemary, chamomile, basil leaf and free tea extracts - single-handedly ticking a lot of the 'herbal' boxes.  It's got a gel-like consistency that foams ever so slightly when using it, and promises a thorough deep clean. 

Calmia Rooibos Aqua Sprinkler Gel Cream 150ml ($34) - When I think 'rooibos' I think 'tea', and I've not really heard it used in cosmetics before (though it makes a lot of sense considering how well other tea based ingredients have worked in beauty products). Apparently it's an all-in-one skin booster, toner, emulsion, essence  and gel cream - and I think it's fairly obvious my skincare routine is missing a trick or two as I don't really know what many of those are, but sounds good right? I can tell that provides a really cooling (perfect in this heat!) gel-based hydration. It says it can be sprayed on like a mist, or pumped out like a gel but unfortunately my pump is broken so it doesn't do either - but it pours out ok until I can sort the pump out! 

Nasarang Herb BB Cream SPF50+ 30g ($46) - First impressions of this are good - very good. Applies easily and looks really natural, but the biggest draw is that factor 50 spf in this weather! A full review should be on its way once I've got a bit more use out of it! 

korean bath soak

Skinfood Bath Salt Honey Jasmine 80g ($3) - Despite having by far the lowest retail value of any of the products in the box, this might be the item I'm most excited about! I do love a good bath and new bath things are always exciting - this smells amazing even through the packet, and I look forward to using it soon!

Rose Mine Azulene Calming Gel 75ml ($29) - Hopefully I'll avoid getting sunburnt this year but if any unwanted rays sneak their way through my factor 50 barrier, this should help soothe and moisturise the poor tender areas.

KSkin Rose Sense 100% Essential Oil 5ml ($42) - While I'm not keen on one of the description sheets recommended uses for this product ("as your secret perfume for when you're suffering from monthly period and its annoying stench" - What?! I don't even know where to start... so for now I'm going to pretend it didn't say that), I think the product itself will come in quite handy!

It's not often I get to say this when I receive a Memebox, but this one is still available here - they normally sell out pretty quickly and are often out of stock by the time I receive them! This one is $32, making it one of the more expensive boxes but it does have plenty in! 

If this one doesn't seem like you thing there's loads of other box options to explore!

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  1. You have so many of these boxes now! :) I think you've finally made me crack and go on to the website...

    Danniella x

  2. Oooh this looks like a great box! I like the sound of the Rooibos gel, it's a shame about the pump though! The bath salts sound lovely too :)

  3. You got some great products :) Looking forward to your review on the BB cream. xo's

    Pink Frenzy

  4. the skin food bath salts sounds good :) will have to look out for them.


  5. You and your memeboxes!! The description of the essential oil made me gag slightly...
    The rooibos gel sounds lovely, though, as does the oil/gel cleanser! :)

    Jess xo

  6. Ah skin box!!! My favorite k-beauty brand! Very curious about the rooibos based gel as well. I love that tea has so many use and properties! Can you also do a review on Vain Pursuits? I've been hearing about them and would love to see what you have to say!

  7. Oops, typed too fast, I meant skin food*! :-)


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