10 July 2014

Oriflame The One Make Up

The other month I got to attend a really cool event in Leeds to learn all about the new, exciting range The One from Swedish cosmetic experts Oriflame. And since I did a terrible job of posting about the event, I thought I'd show you some of the lovely products I got in my event goody bag! 

I was given one of the Colour Impact Cream Eyeshadows, in Intense Plum. The colour was perfect as it'd just the kind of thing I would have worn when I was younger and wore eyeshadow regularly - it's a step I often omit these days so should probably easy myself back in with a familiar feeling colour. We were taught clever tricks on how to apply these properly for a long lasting finish at the event but, having completely forgotten everything I was told, I just popped this on my lids with my favourite Nanshy eye brush and hoped for the best! (There's another thing that has changed I, don't remember using tools other than my finger to apply eyeshadow when I was a youngster!)

It's a really pretty colour - not as dark as I was worried it might be after seeing it in the pot, but you can easily build it up to being a really strong colour. It's soft and blendable and I haven't found creasing to be a huge issue even without the clever crease-free tips! 

cream eyeshadow in plum

I also received a The One Colour Unlimited Lipstick, in Always Cranberry. The lipstick is really smooth and glides right on, and the pretty shade has made this one of my recent favourites. 

Always cranberry lip

My favourite product in the bag though was The One Eye Liner Stylo. It's really my first time with one of these felt-tip type liners and I'm really impressed with it! Despite my wobbly lines on my arm above, I find it really easy to apply neatly to my eyes, and once it's there it's happy to stay put! This is really good stuff. 

If I pop these three all on my face it ends up looking a bit like this...

I don't think you can actually tell I'm wearing the eyeshadow there but I assure you I am! 

Another product I found it my goody bag was this The One Long Wear Nail Polish. The shade here is, I think, Night Orchid. It's not a colour I'd often go for, but I do like it, and I was also a big fan of the wide brush and easy application (though it doesn't look like it based on the neatness, or lack thereof, in the picture!). I didn't get particularly 'long wear' out of it, I found it chipped within a day or two, but I have been having base-coat issues so that might be to blame rather than the polish! 

I did also receive The One Volume Blast Mascara, which I've heard wonderful reviews of all round - but since I have too many mascaras on the go as it is I want to wait until I need one so I can really make the most of it, so it'll be getting its own review when the time comes! 

The only problem I find with Oriflame products is the potential difficulty in getting hold of them - a bit like Avon, you need yourself a representative to buy from. My suggestion is to hunt down your nearest Oriflame rep and keep a tight hold of them! And then buy the eyeliner off them! 

Huge great big thanks again to Oriflame for having me at their event and for the very generous contents of the goody bags! 

* Items received free of charge in event goody bag


  1. You can also buy online too, which is definitely the easiest way to get hold of their stuff! The nail varnish didn't last long on me either - I used a base/top coat and managed four days, just xx

  2. That nail polish is an amazing shade!! I love the look of the eyeshadow too :)
    I've never tried any Oriflame products, didn't realise they had reps!

    Jess xo

  3. The lipstick is a stunning shade, possibly not one I would wear but it is so lovely x

  4. I love my Oriflame products, they're so nice. I still need to review them though!



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