20 July 2014

Sunday Soak - Lush Rose Queen Bath Bomb

It's been a little while since I've done one of these posts, but I guess the warm weather is a little more condusive to cooling and cleaning showers than a good hot soak! 

Still, every now and then these things have to be done, especially when pretty new bath bombs have been acquired! And I've been in a particularly Lush-friendly mood since visiting their shiny new Leeds store the other day...

pretty pink bath

I actually got a couple of the Rose Queen Bath Bombs, generous gifts from Hayley and Sharon on a recent trip to York after mentioning that I was a bit fan of anything rose-scented. One of them went straight in the bath on returning home that very day but by the time I emerged from the water I was far too sleepy to form any cohesive thoughts about it. So it's a good job I had a second one! 

pink bath water

Rose Queen, then, as you might expect, has a floral scent and contains Rose Absolute which is great for moisturising as well as for smelling good! The bomb turns your bath water a pretty shade of pink - not as bright a colour as some of the Lush bath bombs, but with a definite pinky kick! 

To add to the aesthetic appeal though, the dissolved bomb releases tonnes of flower petals and planty bits, which float around you while you bathe. Very decadent, very 'queenly'. Though as always I suppose a bit of a pain to clean out afterwards - - I suppose a real queen would have someone to do that for them! 

It's not one of my very favourite of the Lush bath bombs, but definitely made for a very nice bath (twice!) 

It seems that no matter how many of the Lush bath products I work my way through, there's still more I haven't tried! Any ideas on where I should go next? 


  1. I laughed at the queen bit! I would probably get in trouble at home for not cleaning out the bath but it does sound lovely!

    Danniella x

  2. Lush makes the best bath bombs :) I haven't try this one :)

  3. This sounds so lovely, I love rose scented items.


  4. aw wow this bath bomb looks pretty in the water :)


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