16 July 2014

The Botanist, Leeds

Up until recently, my experiences of The Botanist in Leeds have all been generally cocktail based. As such I've always found the place very enjoyable, but not really somewhere I'd think to take the wee ones to. Then I saw on another blog (can't remember which one though, sorry!) that they did kids meals and it was all the excuse I needed for another visit!

kids meals at the botanist

I was in Leeds on a Saturday lunchtime anyway to meet some of my favourite ladies for food and it wasn't a difficult task to steer them in the direction of The Botanist. The little ones were well catered for, with a decent kids menu and colouring in sheets and pencils (provided in a watering can to suit the venues garden-shed theme) to help pass by the wait until dinner arrived.

I know The Botanist to be a place that cares about the little details, their presentation is always excellent, but knowing this I was still really impressed with the thought that had gone into the kids meals. Little Miss had requested the chicken fingers (or 'chicken thingies', as she referred to them), which came in a little sea-side style bucket, accompanied by a plant pot of baked beans, a watering can of salad and wheelbarrow full of ketchup, all serves in a little wooden crate. She was amazed and told everyone she spoke to about her 'adventure dinner' for days afterwards.

best presented kids dinners

The bigger one was just as impressed with his hanging sausages. He didn't leave a scrap either, said it was delicious! 

is the botanist child friendly?

Obviously, it wouldn't be right to get those guys fed and not myself, and I'd heard great things about the hanging kebabs there, so thought I'd treat myself! The hanging kebab consists of your chosen mean (I went for the chicken one) and other bits and pieces suspended above a bowl of chips, so that when your lovely waitress pours garlic butter over the top of it, it all dribbles down over the chicken, mixes in with the meaty juice and drips all over your chip. This results in the most amazing tasting chips! The chicken was pretty darn good too!

Going out for food with the kids always gives me a good excuse for desert (pah, like I need an excuse!), because you nearly always get one included with a kids meal, and I don't want to be left out now do I?! I'd been dreaming of the Sticky Toffee Pudding on The Botanist's menu since my first visit, when I didn't have time for dessert. I don't really now why either, as it wouldn't often be my first choice of pudding - I think I just got some inkling that they'd get it really right here. And my inkling proved to be spot-on. This was other-worldly good, and the best £5 I've spent is as long as I can remember. It would seriously be worth visiting The Botanist, or even Leeds, just for this! 

desserts at the botanist

The little ones were equally as thrilled with their desserts. The little plastic buckets make a reappearance here, this time filled with ice cream and served on a beachy sandbed of - well I'm not exactly sure what the sand was made out of as I didn't get a taste, but it certainly seemed edible and sweet! 

cute bucket and spade ice cream

So once again, it appears I have nothing bad to say about this place - and it's nice to know we can all go!


  1. I'm sold I'm sold let's go. The presentation looks awesome, I kind of want to get one of everything just so I can photo and blog it. :D

    Corinne x

  2. OMG I love the way they present the food ... although it does mean if I go I'll end up wanting to order things off the kids menu just so I get a bucket and spade meal :D The Botanist is a definite contender when I'm visiting Leeds next month, we couldn't even get in for a drink last time :(

  3. Aww look at Harry (please say I got the name right) the little poser....did he learn that from his mum :-p
    I really do love the botanist, good food and so welcoming for everyone xxx

  4. wow! It looks amazing! And the food is nicely presented and it all looks delicious!


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