4 July 2014

Nails - 4th of July Parade

 As I look out of my office window to the grey Yorkshire sky, I remember this time last year I was in sunny California. Along with many happy memories, I brought this sparkly little number back as a little memento from my trip!
4th july parade nails
Wet n Wild's '4th of July Parade' seemed like the perfect way to show my appreciation for my host country while I was in the US - a shower of red, white and blue glitter.

Sadly I don't think it actually made it onto my nails between last 4th July and this one, but I couldn't think of a better time to dig it out. I figured a relatively unassuming base would let the glitter do it's thing, and opted for 'Minty Maggie' from a Fearne Christmas collection from boots.
(T'was only when I put them next to each other I realised I had Fearne and Fergie on and that struck me as funny for half a minute or so!)
red white and blue sparkles
It's a shame the white glitter isn't a bit more obvious, but I still really like the sparkly addition to my nails. Obviously you could layer this up a bit more for a heavier glitter effect - it spread out relatively easily and evenly, with me only giving it a teeny bit of guidance in places.
fergie wet and wild sparkles

Unfortunatley I think this was a limited edition for release last year, not that it makes much difference of course round these parts as Wet n Wild products aren't the easiest to get hold of anyway! I'm very glad I grabbed this one while I could!


  1. I love the colour of your nails!
    Both varnishes look awesome & work so well with each other, perfect nail for 4th July!

    -sarah xo

  2. Love this combo, the wet n wild is a great top coat. Looks fab!

  3. I love it Kels! I bought like 8 wet and wild nail varnishes while I was in the US, they were so cheap but so good! They'll be on the blog soon =) MEMORIES!

    Corinne x

  4. I love the look of this glitter nail polish! <3

  5. Those colours are beautiful! Love it!


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