29 August 2014

Degustabox August Unboxing

Usually I track the progression of my Degustabox around the streets of Bradford very closely until it gets to me - I must have missed this months text alert that it was on its way so it was a lovely surprise to find out it had arrived at the office before me one day this week! 

I obviously wasted no time getting it open, and this is what I found inside!

fun food subscription

Mexican Dave's Tortilla chips (RRP £1.00) - Mmmm I love tortilla chips. My boyfriend is a bit of a crisp purist - it's potato or nothing for him - and he doesn't really get tortillas, but I much prefer them to regular crisps so I look forward to diving into this bag tonight ('tis Friday afterall!). Also, an RRP of £1 for a bag this size makes it cracking value.

degustabox chips

Berry White Peach and Goji Berry Drink (RRP £1.59) - I'll admit I haven't actually tried any of the drinks in the box yet - they've all gone in the fridge so I can drink them at optimum temperature, but there's some nice looking ones - it's a bit of a drink heavy box! Berry White drinks are all organic with no added nasty bits, and I love anything peach flavoured so looking forward to this! 

Cawston Press Apple and Pear Juice (RRP £1.89 for 3) - I'v tried tinned versions of a couple of the Cawston Press drinks and they were lovely so have no reason to expect this will be any different! The kids would love it but since there's only one and I don't want the to fight over it, so I better drink it myself...

pressed pears

Schwartz Flavour Shots (RRP £1.39) - These look great - the range of meals I can and do cook at home is.... fairly limited. These handy little flavour shots that will add taste and interest to my meals without me having to work any harder are a great idea and I'm sure will go down a storm.

mexican fajita chicken paprika sauce

Caribbean Twist Strawberry Daiquiri (RRP £2.50) - A pre-mixed and ready to drink cocktail in a bottle, this makes me want to sun to come out again. Drinking it in a jumper with the heating on just doesn't seem right (not that my heating is on, I'm from Yorkshire!). This is the 'alcoholic option', other boxes came with a non-alcoholic option...

strawberry daiquri mixed

Fever Tree Ginger Beer and Tonic Water (RRP £1.69 each) - These two make up the non-alcoholic option, and are a lovely looking pair. I particularly like the look of the gorgeously cloudy ginger beer, though I'm not sure I actually like the taste of ginger beer! 

tonic water and ginger beer

Lindt  Just For You Heart Chocolate Tin (RRP £3.49) - I;m always happy to see chocolate, in these boxes or anywhere else! But this lovely little tin and the heart shaped chocolates make this feel like even more of a special little treat than 'normal' chocolate - I feel loved by my Degustabox! 

little chocolate gifts

Brioche Pasquier - Pain Au Lait (RRP £1.69) and Pain Au Chocolat (RRP £1.29) - So far these are the only things I've actually tried from this box as I thought the Pain Au Chocolat would make a lovely breakfast accompaniment to my morning coffee. Obviously they're not the same as proper freshly baked flaky pastries, but they certainly fill a chocolately, buttery hole. 

pain au lait chocolat indvididually wrapped

Dr Oetker Edible Wafer Cupcake Cases (RRP £2.50) - I've said before that the Dr Oetker products that crop up a lot in the Degustaboxes are often my favourites, and again I love the idea of these! The only thing that would put me off buying them again is the price - £2.50, but for only 6 cases in the box adds a fair bit to the price of the individual cupcake. A fun alternative for a special treat, but I'm not likely to make a full-time switch from the paper versions sadly.

edible cupcake cases

Also, here's something new from Degusrabox! A voucher for regridgerated items! Obviously anything that needs to be kept in the fridge or freezer can't be delivered with everything else so these vouchers are a nice little addition. This one is for a pack of Moma Bircher Muesli, RRP £2.99. The only thing is this can only be redeemed at Waitrose or Sainsburys, neither of which I have locally. I'm sure I can pass it on to someone who will use it, but it's a shame that it can only be used at limited supermarkets. The vouchers are just classed as an 'extra' item though, not counted in the value of the box.

Degustabox is a monthly subscription, so if you sign up you get a monthly box of treats straight to your door. The value of the products in the box always works out more than the cost of the box itself, plus it's a great way of trying things you might not otherwise spot on your usual weekly shop. If you are a fussy eater it might not be for you, but if you are interested in trying new things then it's certainly great value and a lot of fun! 

At full price the boxes are £12.99 a month (or £11.99 if you sign up to a six moth subscription!), but you can save yourself £3 on your first box with the code HIZSP, making it even more of a bargain! You can sign up here, or find them on twitter or facebook if you have any more questions! 

Are you hungry now? I know I am.... where are those tortilla chips....

26 August 2014

Outfit - A Day In Bruges

It's been a little while since I've managed an outfit post on here, boy oh boy finding decent pictures can be a tricky thing! I have bought a bunch of nice new dresses recently though so thought I better show one of them off to justify so many purchases! 

We had a little visit to Bruges last week and managed to find a gap in between rain showers to take some pictures. 

emily and fin autumn

The dress is my very first Emily and Fin dress! I've been after one of these for a little while as they have so many beautiful designs so when I saw Aspire Clothing was having a huge sale I got a bit giddy! This Abigail style dress in the yellow heart leaf print is pretty much autumn in a dress and helps ease me into the realisation that summer has said goodbye to us. It's a gorgeous frock and can definitely imagine it to be the first of many. 

autumn leaf fabric

The shoes are also new - once again a sale buy, this time from Rocket Dog who just make the most comfortable shoes. I wore these for hours and miles on their first outing that day without a hint of rubbing or soreness - I really like their kind of clunky nerdiness and think they'll go well with a whole bunch of autumn outfits - there's also a teensy bit of a heel which is nice 'cos I'm not the tallest, but not enough to make walking in any way difficult. 

You may be spotting a theme here, but the bag is new, and was in the sale! I've walked past the Ness store in York a whole bunch of times, always stopping for a bit of a gaze in their window - but it wasn't until I saw this lovely bag - with a healthy discount - in the window that I finally made a purchase! I don't even think I have to justify the purchase in any other way than saying 'it has tea cups on it'.

ness edinburgh bag

Finally, my Pterodactyl necklace was - you guessed it! - a recent sale buy! I got carried away buying loads of cheap note books on the lovely Ohh Deer site recently and thought I'd add this to my basket to help bump me up to the 'free delivery' cost (I also bought a load of chocolate - yum!) - isn't he lovely? I do forget to accessorise most of the time despite having some lovely pieces so I really need to make more of an effort in that area! 

pteradactyl jewellery

I really have been treating myself reccently, haven't I?! The New Look cardigan is old and one of my most-worn things, if that helps balance it out! 

Have you admitted Summer is over yet or are you still holding out hope for some last bits of sunshine?

25 August 2014

Memebox - My Cute Wishlist

I've been hoarding Memeboxes like a madwoman for months now, but this one - the My Cute Wishlist Memebox - is really eveything you could expect and want in a box full of Korean beauty products! Everything is so adorable, so sweet and lovely that this is definitely one of my all time favourite Memeboxes! 

Here's what came in it! 

cute korean beauty items

Pure Smile Neco Punch Point Pad Hibiscus and Lemongrass ($2 each) - I've never seen anything like these before - little mini moisture patches that you stick on areas 'in need of concentrated care'. These will be great for any particular dry areas and the little paw prints on the point pads are completely adorable! 

at;fox Moisturising Gel Cream Gyoolpy Tea, Whitening Capsule Cream Jasoyup Herb Tea, and Lifting Cream Black Tea 10ml ($6 each) - just how adorable are these? Three different and interesting sounding creams but I;m much more interested in the adorable packaging! (Which is kind of a good job as these aren't very big so there's not a whole lot of product in each one!)

adorable korean beauty products

Beauty People Snow White Edition Eyeliner Set ($54) - I'd seen this gorgeous little tin as a spoiler on one of the other boxes and very nearly bought it just for this item, so I was very happy to see this inside my box! I still think the tin is adorable, and the eyeliners are lovely too - beautiful colours with a really creamy application, I'm very pleased to add these to my collection! 

gold eyeliners

Etude House Missing U Handcream 30ml ($5) - How cute? Ok, so like the cupcakes there's not a whole lot of product in this little fella, he's all about the cute factor which is something he has in abundance! The handcream itself is nice and smells of baby powder. There were a couple of other, equally adorable, hand cream buddies with different fragrances but I think little Fairy Penguin is my favourite and I'm very glad he came in my box! 

missing u korean

Pure Smile Muddy Girl 15g ($1) - This cute little heart shaped packet contains a mud based face mask. This one contains charcoal though some folk got a red clay version too. 

pure smile mud

Etude House Sweet Recipe Candy Stick ($5) - Yet another item where my initial instinct was just to write 'how cute is this?!' - the sweet little candy stick hides a moisturising lip tint, available in a variety of shades and scents. I'm very happy to have received the strawberry instead of the orange or lemon, but very sure I'd have been pleased as punch to receive anything that looked like  a candy cane! 

novelty lipstick from korea

Kocostar Split End Therapy 8ml ($6) - Though I'm always happy to receive anything that will help out the condition of my hair, I'll admit that at first I wasn't quite sure why this was in the Cute Wishlist box. Then I spotted the really cute polka-dot hair tie and it all made sense! You pop your hair in a pony tail which you then put inside the hair wrap, securing with the hair tie, and leave it for 15 minutes to soak in all the nutrients and goodies. 

Can you see why I was so pleased with this one? It's a gem!

Unfortunately this box has sold out, as has the second Cute Wishlist box to be released BUT, joy of joys, Memebox have just released a THIRD My Cute Wishlist box which you can get your paws on here - but be quick, I can imagine this won't be about for long! You can also save money on shipping (and get it faster!) by buying it in a bundle like this one along with the OMG box 3 and the K-Style Box 3. I received the first K-Style box (you can see what I got here!) and OMG box as well as this cute-filled box of goodies, I think this is the option I'll be taking!

What do you think of my box of cuteness? how many times did you 'awwwwww'?

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24 August 2014

Writing Process Blog Hop

Ah a week off - I've been very lazy/busy over the last week or so and it's been grand but it's quite nice to have a peaceful Sunday afternoon to give my neglected blog some attention! 

And I figures a nice way to break myself in was to tackle the 'My Writing Process' Blog Hop I was nominated in by Char. Char is, for many many reasons, one of my very favourite bloggers - as well as one of the first I ever discovered, her blog is the only non-Yorkshire one I check every day. She has the most impressive shoe collection I've ever seen, makes her own gorgeous dresses and is just an awesome, beautiful and talented lady. You can read about her writing process here

What are you working on? 
At the minute - just this! I rarely plan blog post in advance at the best of times, and I've given no thought to the blog for the last week or so so have nothing up my sleeve at the minute - though I'm sure I'll find some things! I pretty much never schedule posts, just put them live as and when I finish them. Once I go through all the pictures of my week-off activities hopefully I'll have some fun things to write about! 

How does my work differ from others in the genre? 
I don't know if I have a genre as such - or if I do I don't really know what it is. 
If anything I'd say I differ from other bloggers by not really knowing what I'm talking about most of the time. Like the beauty bloggers who know all about what different ingredients do and have hundreds of ways of describing the colour pink? I'm not one of them. And the fashion bloggers who always look on trend and not at all awkward in photos? I'm not one of them either. My baking posts are never pinterest-ready and I make words up all the time. 
A lot of bloggers seem to be really good at one thing, or really knowledgeable in one area - I guess I'm different by being distinctly average all round! 

Why do I write what I do?
This kind of ties in with the above answer I guess but I write about a whole bunch of different things because I like a whole bunch of different things. I'll write about whatever I've done/bought/eaten recently that I think might be interesting to write (and that will hopefully be interesting to read!)

How does my writing process work? 
It's not very organised I'm afraid! There are essentially two phases. Firstly, I make lists. When I'm alone and bored - like when I'm on the train and my phone battery has died - I make lists of potential blog posts - on scraps of paper, backs of cinema tickets that king of thing. The other thing I do is take pictures - when I'm out and about, when I just get a new delivery - then save these pictures into separate folders on my computer. Sometimes, the a folder will match an item on a list, and then sometimes those matching items will turn into a blog post. Ideas are picked off a list depending on what I feel like writing about and/or what my recent post topics have been (as I try not to have two many similar things in a row). It's a bit of an 'all over the place' approach but one that suits me and my all over the place blog! 

yorkshire pig racing

So that's my if-you-can-call-it-a-process process! Would love to hear about yours! I nominate Rachael, Steph and Chloe to tell us about how they blog, if they fancy it - or anyone else for that matter, I need all the tips I can get! 

(Pictures are all totally unrelated to post but from me week off - every week off work should include pig racing!)

17 August 2014

Sunday Soak - Lush, Granny Takes A Dip

Bath time again, and I'd been looking forward to using this ace looking thing for a little while now! 

really bright bath bomb

As well as the rather fabulous array of bright colours, Granny Takes A Dip is a bit of an eyecatcher due to its unusual shape - forgoing the more traditional round ball shaped bath bomb, this ones comes as a pretty unique disk, with the blue, orange and green circles encased in a outer ring and base of pink. 

I couldn't resist putting it on it's side edge to see how far I could roll it before it hit the water! 

lush bath products 60s

When it does is starts releasing all the different colours as the water hits them, providing quite an impressive colour show before the water finally settles down into a bright fuschia. It's definitely one of the brightest bath products I've come across, from Lush or anyone else! 

The scent of this one was derived from lemon oil (to boost your mood!) with ginger and pepper for a really sweet warm fragrance - the result is cheerful and comforting - really gorgeous! 

granny takes a dip in the bath

I know Granny has become a firm favourite with Lush fans since it first arrived on the scene earlier this year, and I can definitely see why! It's cute retro look, mad pyschedelic in-bath colourings and warming aroma definitely have high appeal - plus at £3.25 it's big enough to split in two if so desired, making it pretty good value for money!

If it did have a flaw it's that it just doesn't have as much of a skin-softening impact as I would have liked - I'm all about the pretty colours but if I can get a good moisture-boost out of a bath too, I;m doubly happy!

Still, no real complaints here - Granny is a good un!

15 August 2014

Afternoon Tea at Wentbridge House

Though I think every week should be Afternoon Tea Week, this week it actually officially is, woo! So it only makes sense that I tell you about the most amazing afternoon tea that I had at the weekend at Yorkshire's very lovely Wentbridge House.

Now, those with a good long term memory may recall that I didn't get on so well with Wentbridge House on my last visit, but I was encouraged to give them another go and I'm so glad I did!

afternoon tea cake stand

I will get back to the tea and cake after a little ramble about customer relations I promise! But I've heard so much about brands and companies reacting badly to complaints or negative reviews (though the French food blogger who was sued for her scathing report on a restaurant is an extreme example, I've often heard of bloggers threatened with legal action or having massive public fall-outs with brands, or at the very least being asked to take the offending post down), that I thought credit was due to Wentbridge House for dealing with my issues in such a professional and helpful way. Having read of my dissatisfaction they immediately contacted me to apologise and try to put things right. Though I was initially reluctant to return despite being offered a complimentary afternoon tea, the manager spoke to me with such sincerity about how proud they were of their usually impeccable service and generous tea offerings that I couldn't help being convinced.

So, Saturday afternoon I dragged Sammie and Hayley along with me to give them a second chance!

I'll just cone out right from the start and say my experience here this time around couldn't have been more different - and I completely see why this place has near unanimous praise all over the internet. On arrival we were first led into a bar area where we were offered a drink while we perused the tea menu - an extensive list of Taylors of Harrogate's well loved tea blends. I do love a good tea list - the amount of times I've gone for afternoon tea where they've worked really hard on nicely presented sandwiches and cute little cakes but more or less forgotten the importance of tea! I quickly opted for one of my favourites, the China Rose Petal Tea - with Hayley choosing Blackberry and Elderflower and Sammie going for a Sweet Rhubarb Tea.

sandwich platter
After the tea, the first plate out was full of sandwiches! We made poor Sammie eat all the salmon ones as she was the only one of us that likes the stuff, but the others - ham with tomato and mustard, cucumber and cream cheese, egg mayonnaise and tuna - were shared out a little more equally, and between us we managed to finish them all!
I've usually been brought sandwiches out on the same cake stand as the cakey bits, so it struck me as slightly unusual that they brought out the sandwiches first but imagine how pleased I was when I realised it's because the cake stand had an extra tier of cake! Obviously the cakey bits are the best part of any meal so I was over the moon when I saw that we not only got this scrumptious looking set of deliciously light strawberry shortcake, rich and squidgy chocolate orange cake and melt-in-your-mouth rose and raspberry meringue....

strawberry shortbread
.... but that it was topped with even more treats in the form of these absolutely adorable pear panna cotta pots, with blogger-favourite macaroons to finish off! I felt very treated and highly sugared up!

pear panna cotta macarons
I would usually do scones before cakes, but since I couldn't resist diving in to the above lot straight away the scones had to wait 'til last! Despite being very full of cake by this point, I still managed to polish off one of these beauties - served warm with jam, lemon curd and clotted cream.
afternoon tea yorkshire

Throughout our afternoon tea the Wentbridge staff were incredibly friendly and polite, happy to refresh tea pots and bring extras, and generally make sure we felt really well looked after. If I were more cynical I'd say they were pushing the boat out to avoid any further complaints from moany me, but it did seem all the other tables received the same level of attention - and everyone seemed very happy!
I don't think I've ever had such a turnaround of opinion - all negative thoughts of this place have been happily replaced with warm fuzzy ones! All due credit to the management team at Wentbridge House and all the lovely staff members working that day - especially the genius in charge of making those little meringues!

14 August 2014

Memebox K-Style Box

It's been over a week since I last raved about Memebox so I figured I better get back on it before you thought I'd forgotten about them!
Before I show you what was in the box though, a little recap of what a 'memebox' is, for those not familiar with my obsession! A very special and awesome beauty box company, Memebox are based in Korea, the home of the worlds most exciting beauty developments, but ship these fabulous beauty delights around the world providing a fantastic opportunity for us to try out some of the most cutting edge innovations and cutest design ideas available. Rather than a monthly subscription box, Memebox regularly release new boxes along specific beauty themes (ones currently available include things like the CafĂ© Box,  Yoghurt Cosmetics, and All About Brows, for example). Though there is also a monthly 'Global Box', unthemed and filled with a variety of products, too. Boxes are priced between $15 and $39 (that's US dollars, so actual cost will depend on current exchange rate!) depending on size and value, and standard shipping costs around $7, though there are often deals and discounts to be had!
I've actually had a couple delivered this week (oh I am naughty) so it was tough to know where to start but I think my favourite of the new arrivals was this one - the K-Style box, full of products to emulate the appearance of your favourite K-pop stars.
Now, no one is ever going to confuse me with Bae Suzy, but I figured if this could point me in the right direction (or at least have some cute make up in it) then it'd be worth having!
Here's what came inside this one:
make up like kpop stars

Bbia Pigment 1.8g (£5) - Each box came with one of these pigment pots in either Mild, Sour or Sweet. I got 'sweet', and it's the most gorgeous glittery copper colour. I can't imagine me doing much with a powder pigment without making a complete mess, but this is so gosh-darn pretty I might have a good go at practicing.

Aqua Radiance CC Cream 30ml (£29) - This seems like a really decent CC cream for balancing out skin tone and texture, but unlike a lot of the other CC/BB creams I've picked up in these boxes it doesn't mention anything about SPF - and since I have a few promising factor 50 protection as well as the imperfection-hiding qualities this will go to the bottom of the pile I think.

RiRe Luxe Auto Gel Eyeliner - Champagne and Choco Brown ($14 each) - Really awesomely smooth, slick and easy to apply eyeliners with a twist up bottom. I didn't really have a good brown eyeliner before this arrived so it's a welcome addition - the champagne isn't really a colour I'd usually use as an eyeliner but the info card that came with the box suggests using this as an under-eye highlighter and can imagine it would be perfect for that. It's very pretty!

korean eye make up

A'Pieu Full Of Nature Mascara ($3) - Such a cute little pocket sized mascara! I haven't tried it yet as I have more than enough open already, and for a suggested retail value of $3 I wouldn't expect miracles from this but you never know when you might need an 'emergency mascara' so I think I'll be keeping this handy just in case!

korean kpop mascara

Shara Shara Feminine Single Blusher ($7) - This is another product that was available in a couple of different colour options, and I received 'Soft Coral' (as opposed to the other shade of 'Warm Apricot'). This was probably my favourite product when I first opened the box, just because it's so darn pretty. It's the cute little puffy thing (what's that called?) that did it for me, with its soft soft feel and sweet little bow! It all clips together in a tidy little compact case and the colour of the blush itself is really pretty.

cute fluffy make up applicator

Secret Key Sweet Glam Tint ($24) - My first thought on seeing this super pale Baby Pink lip tint (also available in two other shades, Juicy Orange and Fuscia Purple) was 'hmmm, not for me'. Too pale, too wispy,... but I was pleasantly surprised when I swatched it on my hand as it had a much better colour pay off than I'd expected so, feeling a bit more optimistic, moved onto my lips. After a  few minutes the sheer-but nicely-moisturising lipstick had developed into a surprisingly bold colour! Quite the pleasant surprise!
korean colour changing lipstick

The K-Style Memebox cost $23 dollars with around $7 shipping, so it cost me in total around £18. I think this one was a bit of a corker, full of full sized items I'd definitely use and when compared to the teensy samples in the Birchbox I received yesterday (which full price including delivery comes to around £13), I definitely think Memebox is the way to go for value for money!
This box is now sold out, but fret not, there is a K-Style 2 box available now here!
And if that doesn't float your boat there's plenty of enticing Memebox options to explore.

13 August 2014

The One Where They Watch Friends

Every since it first opened, I've wanted a good excuse to nosy around the Everyman Cinema in Leeds. I'm a frequent cinema-goer and was curious as to what made this place to special - I'd heard rumours of cosy sofa seating, on-hand bar access and ticket prices that seem to fly in the face of the 'everyman' ethos suggested by the name (or is that just the tight Yorkshire lass in me?), and was eager to see if the place was worth the fuss. 

But oh happy days, I was recently given the chance to snoop around thanks to the lovely bunch at Simplyhealth, who's invited a bunch of local bloggers and their buddies along for an evening of fun and Friends (the TV show, not just the people we brought along)!

After being sorted out with a drink at the screen-adjacent bar, I got my first peek of where we would be spending the next couple of hours.... I can't really deny that it was pretty lovely! The mini-screen (we were in 5 1/2) looked snug and cosy and just the place for a relaxed Friends night! 

everyman cinema screens leeds

I took my lovely sister-in-law Tasha as my guest, as she is the biggest friends fan I know (and poor old KC from The Totality didn't have a +1 so we let him jump in on our picture, aren't we Friendly?!), and we soon settled down in our cosy couch to watch the first four ever episodes of the show! 

It was soooo strange to see how young the characters all looked when the show started 20 (?!?!) years ago! Interesting looking back on how it all started, knowing where it was going to end up - as well as funny of course! As we watched I think we all found so many Friends memories flooding back, remembering lines and episodes not thought about in years - it was such a huge show when it was first on, everyone I know watched it! 

We were also treated to popcorn and sweets - well it wouldn't be a cinema event without them! - and these fab Central Perk Mugs between pairs. I let Tasha keep it (since I'm such a good Friend!) but only on the proviso that anytime I go round her house I get it filled with tea/coffee! 

So why, you might be wondering, did Simplyhealth invite us along to such an event? These guys are aaaalllll about the importance of smiles! Their current #shhealthysmile campaign focuses on the ways smiles and laughter are good for your general health and wellbeing and since they like looking after people they thought the best way to do so would be treating us to a night of smiles - what a good bunch! 

11 August 2014

Bloggers Dining Club - Reds True BBQ, Leeds

Last Wednesday saw the latest Bloggers Dining Club evening out, where we ventured to Reds True Barbecue.

Reds has been a name bandied about a bunch since dining club discussions began, but lack of organisation, tricky booking policies and the fact that some people had been before and fancied a change all meant it had been put off a few times. I for one was very exited to finally get in there though!

reds true bbq

Having set my mind very firmly on dessert I decided to forgo a starter, but the ribs that Sammie and Carrieanne ordered looked great and smelled incredible! 

But it was straight onto the mains for me - it wasn't an easy choice as many of the menu options (predominantly big meaty things) sounded amazing, but really I think I'd made up my mind what I had to have the first time I looked at the menu, ages ago. Because where else are you going to get a Donut Burger?

Yup, a burger (or more accurately two, along with cheese and bacon) served not in a bun but between two donuts. Proper, sweet, glazed donuts. 

I didn't even really want it, in that I wasn't at all convinced I'd enjoy eating it. I just knew that if I'd had the opportunity to order a donut burger and not done so, I'd have regretted it. 

leeds donut burger

However, I had no need to fear - this was pretty amazing! 

When you think about it in context of having a sweet barbecue sauce on your burger, for example, the sweet'n'meat combo doesn't seem quite so bonkers, and the whole thing worked together much better than could have been expected! 

Of course, the flavours making sense doesn't help the logistic of eating this as the thing in about 18 inches tall. Ok, that's a slight exaggeration, but it's not something you can just pick up and bite! After much deliberation it seemed the best approach was to half it length-ways and eat it with a knife and fork. This way I managed to get through pretty much the whole thing without making too much mess and publicly embarrassing myself, hurray! 

The burger comes served with a decent portion of the delicious skin-on fries (really good with the triple hot sauce on the far end of the sauce tray above!) and a couple of 'hush puppies' - sweetcorn and jalapeno fritters - lovely! 

The drink recommended on the menu as the best thing to accompany my meal was a bottle of the crisp and tasty Dixie Lager and I'm not one to ignore such a confident recommendation so I had one of those to wash it down with. It was a good choice! (I swear I did get a picture of it, as well as a bunch more of the place itself and have no idea what happened to them!) I do fancy one of the awesome sounding milkshakes if I ever go back though! 

reds true bbq desserts

Then I obviously finished this all up with dessert! Dessert is always my favourite bit of any meal and when you look at the dessert menu and you see the words 'chocolate peanut butter cheesecake' in that order you know you are onto a good 'un!

This was everything I wanted it to be, and I'm sure Sharon was very happy in the end that I 'forced' her to get one too!

Big thanks to Hayley, Sammie, Sharon, Carrieanne and Sally for joining me for my first visit to Reds, and hope to see you all next month!

Fancy coming out for dinner with us? Bloggers Dining Club runs the first Wednesday of every month in or around Leeds and any details and discussion can be found here - would love you to come!